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Welcome to the home page of 2U support at Syracuse University. Below you will find information on acquiring support as well as information related to Zoom. Also note that students of the 2U programs are also active Syracuse University students, which provides access to the complete list of ITS Student Services.

Support Contact Information

Students requiring assistance should contact their school or college specific support contacts below. 

Faculty in need of support can request 2U support via live chat through the digital platform, via phone at 1.877.552.0628, or by email at facultysupport@2u.com.


Please note that 2U has not adopted the Syracuse University implementation of Zoom. When hosting or participating in classes, you should continue to access Zoom from the 2U learning management system (LMS) using the original login provided by 2U. 2SU faculty and students that wish to log into the zoom.us portal should do so with your 2U username and password, provided by 2U and is formatted firstinitiallastname+XXXX@onlinebusiness.syr.edu.prod.zoom.2u.com or firstinitiallastname+XXX@syr.edu.prod.zoom.2u.com.

Students needing support with your 2U Zoom account, please contact your 2U school or college support contact listed above.

Faculty experiencing any issues using your 2U Zoom account, please contact 2U Tech Support via live chat through the digital platform, via phone at 877-552-0628, or by email at facultysupport@2u.com.