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  • Primary drop-down menus are now keyboard navigate-able (Help Menu, User Settings Menu, Space Tools, and Page Action Menu).
  • Help Menu > Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog is now screen reader friendly. 
  • Create Page Dialog is now screen reader friendly. 
  • RSS Reed page Skip Links adjusted.
  • Screen reader text was added to Page Labels (tags) at the bottom of the page, so when encountered the user will know more context of these links.


  • Table of Contents Macro has been adjusted to take in account page titles and headings with special characters when same page link is clicked.
  • Attachments and Attachments Macro now includes aria-expand attributes and assistive text.
  • Embedded files and images with image preview now have improved Alt text. The alt text will now be based off the file name.


  • Heading Tags in the Site Logo and Sidebar to be removed for easier navigation.
  • Sidebar page tree and page tree macro now includes aria-expand attributes and assistive text.
  • Sidebar Expand/Collapse Toggle button now has an aria-expand attribute and assistive text.
  • Removed many double links on the dashboard page.
  • Adjusted many hidden assistive text items to have a font size to minimize false warnings in WAVE.
  • Adjusted Olark Chat to be contrast friendly.


  • Web crawlers will no longer index out of date pages or pages accessible from the page action menu (e.g. Page History, Attachments, Differences by Version, Previous Page Versions, Labels, Page Information, or Discard/Trashed Pages)
  • Updating the theme template to remove two sets of skip links near the title line. This will make navigation quicker for a keyboard users. 
  • Removed link in the page title and skip links in the page content (Skip Banner and Skip Metadata).
  • Adjusting Main content skip link to point directly to the title of the page. 
  • Adjusting the font size on hidden screen reader items to removing warnings in WAVE about small fonts.
  • Adjusted some images from having alt text to now be "" blank alt text for minimal screen reader navigation

2/23/18 - Upgrade to 6.4

  • Language tag added to HTML
  • Create responsive design mobile views to allow users to interact with confluence on all devices.
  • Fixed labels and alt texts on many items in the template.
  • Added tabindex="0" to all headers in the content for easier tab navigation.
  • Added text to pages that search results may not be complete unless logged in with NetID and Password.
  • Added Additional Headers to tables on system pages.
  • Adjusted the Expand Macro to expand when encountered by keyboard.
  • Forced Sidebar to start collapsed if screen width is smaller than 1775px, to assist in better mobile experience.
  • Added labels to filters and search fields on all identified pages and search macros.
  • Table of Contents Macro will now move keyboard focus to headings, and not just move the view port.
  • Added assistive text to Sidebar page tree and page tree macro expand items.
  • Adjusted Olark Chat to include labels on some missing fields.
  • Frevvo, YouTube, and Ensemble macros adjusted to for Accessibility and mobile friendliness. 
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