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Creating Accessible Course Content

Accessibility for Online Course Content

  • Resources and information for making online course content accessible. (Portland Community College)

Accessibility & Inclusive Design (University of Illinois, Coursera)

  • Explore the major types of disabilities and related assistive technology and adaptive strategies, the most salient contours of the legal landscape, and major principles that guide universal design and accessible content creation.  

Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education (Coursera)

  • Free multi-part, multimedia course covering topics such as universal design for the online classroom, complex images, tables, and graphs, captioning, etc.

Blackboard Help: Write Accessible Content

  • Accessible writing is good writing. It makes your content easier for everyone to consume. Here are some tips on how to write with accessibility in mind.

ADA Compliance for Online Course Design

  • EDUCAUSEreview, January 30, 2017, Author: Sheryl Burgstahler

Effective Practices for Description of STEM Content

  • This website provides general guidelines for describing STEM images and many examples of how the guidelines can be implemented for visually impaired students accessing STEM content in online course content. 

Tutorial for Making Online Learning Accessible to Students with Disabilities (Univ of Washington)

  • Self-paced instruction to help faculty get started in making  online course accessible to, usable by, and inclusive of all students, including those with disabilities.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) History and Framework

  • To remove barriers to learning, UDL focuses on adjusting the environment rather than the individual impairment. Addressing environmental barriers at the design phase using UDL framework both removes any need for individuals to self identify particular disabilities, but by removing any barriers in the design phase sustainability is increased and benefits all user demographics.

Accessible Math Content 

How Do I Create Accessible Math Content?

  • This page discusses and provides resources for creating accessible math content. (The California State University)

IT Accessibility > Math

  • This page provides information on creating accessible math content. (NC State University)

Communication Techniques

Effective Communication: Faculty and Students with Disabilities

  • This page discusses effective communication between faculty and students with disabilities. (DO-IT, University of Washington)

Effective Communication Strategies

  • This page also discusses effective communication with students of disabilities. (Santa Fe College, Disabilities Resources Center)