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Most users will access the CMS for Concept3D using their NetID and password through the NetID SSO Login process outlined below. There is also a separate URL if you have a Local Administrator and/or Test account, which requires a different login URL. 

In order to access the CMS for Concept3D, you must have an account created by the application administrators. If you have not had an account created and require access to the CMS, please send an email to 

NetID SSO Login 

  1. Navigate to the following URL:
  2. Enter your NetID and password in the Shibboleth login screen 

Local Administrator and Test Login 

Some users have a Local Administrator and/or a Test account. These accounts can not be logged into through the Shibboleth SSO, as authentication is through Concept3D 

  1. Navigate to the following URL: 
  2. Enter your credentials