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You can attach files of any type to an Answers page.  You have two options for attaching files.

From The Tools Menu

  1. Navigate to the desired page to contain the attachment(s)
  2.  Expand  the Page Tools menu (ellipsis) in the upper-right side of the page 
    1. The number of currently attached documents will be displayed next to the Attachments option. 
    2. The page in this example currently has 4 attachments. 
      In page tools menu
  3. Select Attachments
    1. The attachments window will open up to a list of attachments on that page. 
  4. Select Choose File to browse your file system
  5. Locate the file to be attached, and then double-click on the file  
    1. The file name will appear in the box next to the Choose File button.  You can add a comment that describes the file in more detail (this is optional).  
  6. When finished, select Attach to complete the process
  7. The file will now appear in the Attached Files section of the screen
    Choose Attachments

You can also add attachments to a page by dragging and dropping the file(s) into the box labeled "Drop files here to attach them" on the Attachments screen.

Drop Attachments Here

If you want to insert multiple files at a time, select multiple files in your file system and drag them to the Drop files here to attach them area.  All of the selected files will be attached to the page.

While Editing A Page

While editing a page:

  1. Select Insert from the upper toolbar
  2. Select Attachments
    1.  The Insert Link screen will appear.
  3. Select an attachment from the list of already attached files or select Choose File to browse for and select a single file to attach to the page
    1. The currently selected attachment is highlighted in blue.  
  4. Enter the text you would like to appear on the page for that attachment in the Link text field near the bottom of the dialogue.  
  5. Select Insert 
  6. The file will then be attached and a link to the file will be created on the page. 

Alternatively, while in Edit Mode, you can select the Insert Link icon from the top toolbar. Then, select Attachments from the left-side menu of the dialogue that appears.

Insert Link

Drag an Image Directly onto the Page While in Edit Mode

This method works only for image files (jpeg, jpg, png, etc.).  While editing the page, drag an image file from your file system (ex:  your home directory) directly onto the spot in the page where you would like the image to appear.   The file will automatically be attached to the page and display on the page at the point you selected.