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Student Home Use License

Adobe has allowed us to offer students home-use licensing as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. To configure access on your home computer, click here.

What Adobe Software and Services are Available?

The University licenses Adobe Creative Cloud through our participation in Adobe's Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).  Details about our ETLA can be viewed here.  Software installed on campus computers is either for shared or assigned licensing.  Please work with your support staff to identify availability of software.

Staff and faculty assigned an Adobe Creative Cloud license can additionally access Adobe cloud delivered offerings such as Adobe Fonts, full list here.  Some  cloud services functionality maybe restricted due to University cloud services provider policies.

Adobe Accounts

A Federated ID has been provided to all actively affiliated Students, Staff and Faculty to access Adobe software.  A Federated ID consists of your email address and NetID password.   Authentication to Adobe is protected using Microsoft MFA, if you have not yet setup MFA you may be prompted to do so during login.  To learn more about MFA, more information is available here.

How do I Sign-In to Adobe ?

Enter your Federated ID into the sign in prompt displayed at first launch of Adobe software.  We strongly recommend logging into Acrobat before using other applications.

Adobe Sign-In Window


If your SU email address has both a personal Adobe ID (user created) and a Federated ID (SU created) account associated, you will see the account chooser screen after entering your address. To sign in with your new SU account, choose Enterprise ID.

Adobe account chooser screen

Change Personal Adobe ID

Do you have an Adobe ID and Federated ID which both use your address as the account username?  You can change your personal Adobe ID to use a different email address by following the provided Adobe documentation.  By changing your Adobe ID to a new email address, you will no longer be prompted with the account chooser screen at login in the future and there is no impact to your subscriptions or stored assets.

Personal Adobe Account/Subscriptions 

The Federated ID provided by Syracuse is completely separate from any other Adobe account you may have, even if prior Adobe accounts used your email address.  If you do have a prior Adobe account under your email address, you'll be presented with a choice between Adobe ID / Personal account and Enterprise ID / Company or school account when signing in.

Digital Assets

Users may have digital assets stored within their personal Adobe ID.  These assets cannot be directly accessed when logged in using your Federated ID.  Depending on the asset type, it maybe possible to migrate your content from Adobe ID to Federated ID or share the asset between accounts.  Please review details here.

What if I am No Longer a Current Student or Staff/Faculty?

Adobe software is for current students, staff and faculty.  If you are no longer eligible for the program (you graduate or leave the university), Adobe services will no longer be available for you to use, or with limited functionality.  As such, any data you have stored in these services will no longer be available to you as well. You will need to retrieve any personal data you need to retain before you leave the University.  If you are not an active student, staff, or faculty member, please refer to the IT Resources After Graduation, Retirement, Resignation, etc. page




Student's University provided account allows access to Adobe software on shared computers across campus.  Shared computers include ITS computer labs and those managed by individual schools and colleges and may include additional locations within departments.  Learn more at the ITS Computer Labs home page or from the applicable departmental technology support office.

Faculty and Staff

All active faculty and staff at the University have been provided access to Adobe Acrobat.  Eligible active faculty and staff can gain access to Adobe Creative Cloud.  Please contact your technology support staff to inquire about software access.  Find your support here

License Activation

Adobe software license for active faculty and staff allows for 2 concurrent activations.  When a third machine is logged into, you will be presented with a dialog to sign out of one of your previously activated installations to continue. Choose to sign out of Adobe software on your previous machines to continue.

Example Too Many Activations Notice

Learning Material


Adobe has a wealth of support information regarding their software and services available on their site.

LinkedIn Learning

A large amount of training and learning materials are available via the campus LinkedIn Learning subscription.  To learn more about LinkedIn Learning and how to access, please visit the documentation.