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Alumni and Guests of the university are able to print at public workstations. Follow the steps below to create a guest account. Additional details about guest printing in Bird Library is available on the Library's Guest and Visitors Answers page.

Recently Graduate, Retire, Resign, etc.?

Recent alumni, retirees, etc., of the last 12 months can still log into ITS public lab locations, however, the previous NetID and password will no longer work for printing in these locations. In order to print, simply create a guest account using the instructions below. If you are a former faculty or staff member looking to continue printing in your previous area of employment, please contact your organizational unit directly.

Expire After One Year

University guest print accounts expire after one year. No refunds can be made for expired balances. Guest account balances can not be merged.

Registering a Guest Print Account

1. Visit the Print Account Management Site

Open a web browser of choice and visit If you do not have a device with a browser, please visit a public workstation.

Print management log in window

2. Register as a New User

Click "Register as a New User".

Image of an arrow directing you to click register as a new user

Fill in the guest account information. Each field is required. Click "Register" to proceed.

new user information page

3. Review Guest Account Information

After successful guest account registration, the complete account details will be shown. This information will also be emailed to the registered email address.

email confirming registration of new user

Confirm Email Address

Before the guest account can print, the email address must be confirmed. To do so, log into the registered email address and confirm the account. 

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Adding Funds to a Guest Print Account

Guest accounts begin with a balance of zero dollars. In order to print, guests are required to add funds by credit card.

Credit Card Only

The university currently only allows guest account transactions via credit card.

1.  Log Into the Print Management Site

Visit Enter the guest account username and password. Be sure you enter the full guest account name including "guest-". If you have forgotten your password, review it in the email recently sent to the registered email address.

 su printing log in screen

2. Select Add Funds and Specify Amount

Click on "Add funds (CASHNET)" tab. 

add funds page

Determine the amount you'd like added to the account in the drop down menu. Click "Add Value" to be taken to the credit card payment screen.

Enable Popups

You may need to enable popups in your desired browser in order to proceed to the credit card processing page.

dollar amount to add drop down

Expire After One Year

University guest print accounts expire after one year. No refunds can be made for expired balances. Guest account balances can not be merged.

3. Enter Credit Card Information

On the next screen, select the "Credit Card" option to proceed.

payment screen select credit card

Enter the credit card information and click "Next". Review the transactions and complete the transactions.

credit card payment information screen

If the credit transaction was successful, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. 

Reviewing Guest Account Balance

Guests can log into at any time while the account is active and view the balance on the Add funds (CASHNET) page.

indication of where to view current balance on the add funds page

Getting Help

If you require addition assistance for the information above, or any IT related issues, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315-443-2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.

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