From Hannon Hill Customer Support:

We’re moving our help articles at to

We’re removing the community forums at


Where will the help articles go?

We will be moving the F.A.Q. type articles from to a new platform and URL, This new platform has a number of benefits, including:

  • Simplified interface
  • Searchable articles from within the chat widget on our website and Cascade Cloud instances
  •  Insights and a great rating system so we can ensure articles are useful

Why are the community forums going away?

The original goal of the community forums was for a community driven discussion about various topics. With the introduction of our various other support channels such as the HH Users Slack network and chat widget, they are no longer serving their intended purpose.

Where will my posts go?

Access to posts will no longer be available once the forums are turned off. We will, however, process unanswered posts by moving them to the appropriate channel to ensure they do not go unnoticed.

Where should I ask questions and provide feedback?

We have a number of existing channels through which you can ask questions to either the community or Hannon Hill Product team:

If you have an implementation or development issue or question, the best place to start is the HH Users Slack network or submit a request to our Professional Services team if you’re interested in discussing a project.

If you need to reach out to the Product Support team directly for installation or upgrade assistance, bug reports, or questions about product features, you can use the chat widget on our website or Cascade Cloud instances or email (or go to to submit a ticket/request).


If you’d like to give us feedback and see what’s in the works, please visit our Product Ideas Portal.