Before creating content, review the Answers' Editing Policy.

Answers can be used to create and store a wide variety of knowledge base articles which are referred to as "Pages." Whether it be a how-to or a general help item, Answers is a great place to create and store your information. In addition to easy content creation, Answers also contains very useful content management items such as page permissions and page information to allow for managing your content however you would like.  Refer to the options below to get started on creating and managing your content.



To add a new page

Add a page

To edit an existing page

Edit a page

To add elements to your page

Enhancing Your Page

Adding tables

Enhancing Your Page

Editing tables

Modifying Tables in Answers

AttachmentsAdding or Managing
Imagesimage effects
Watching PagesWatching Pages
Space PermissionsSpace Permissions
Page RestrictionsPage Restrictions & Permissions

Full list of pages on creating content:

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