The Atlassian Public Name is what displays on any actions performed by you across both the Orange Tracker and Answers cloud applications. By default, a Public Name is not set and the application just uses your first and last name. Any comments, submitted requests, etc. will use this Public Name. However, there are cases such as a name change where to aid in referencing the prior name, that the Public Name is automatically updated to include the name prior to the change. This is the only identity field that is configurable by the user, as it relates to their own Atlassian Account across the Atlassian ecosystem. 

Orange Tracker Profile Display

User Picker Hover Display

In both cases, the Joshua Patrick Allen is the Public Name, with Josh Allen being as it is read from our Identity Provider. 

Updating Public Name

  1. Navigate to the following URL: https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/profile-and-visibility
  2. In the About You section, select the existing entry in the Public Name field
  3. Update to desired Public Name 

    Removing Public Name

    To remove your Public Name, update the Public Name value to the same as the Full name value (the field above the Public Name).

  4. Select the checkmark to save