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The project browser helps you locate a project within Orange Tracker.  You will only see projects that you have rights to view. 

To Begin, select "Projects" from the top menu.  You will see the "Current Project," which is the last project you accessed.  You will also see a list of up to five recently accessed projects.  You can select any of these projects.

Displays the current project and up to five recently accessed projects.

  If the project you wish to access is not on this menu, select "View all Projects" to bring up the full list of projects you can view. 

Sample project from the projects list on the "Browse Projects" screen:

project row for the dawn test project in the Browse Projects screen

The left-hand column on this screen has project categories that you can use to filter the projects list.  At the top of the column is "Recent Projects."  If you select this link, up to 20 projects that you have recently viewed will display. 

Browse projects screen showing all projects by default

Below "Recent Projects" in the column is a list of different project categories.  Select one of the categories to display on projects in that category.  Most categories relate to colleges/deparments within SU.  To view all projects again, select the "All Project" link at the bottom of the column.  To display only projects that have no category, select the "No Category" link towards the bottom of the column. 


To view a specific project, select the project name within the list (ex:  Dawn Test  above).   The project summary page is now displayed.

Project Summary page

The summary page includes an activity stream of recent changes within the project and a chart of issues created and resolved in the past 30 days.  The left column also has links to the following:

  • Issues — Shows a summary of all issues in a project with unresolved issues grouped by priority, assignee, component, and issue type.  The summary also shows issues by issue status.  At the top, the screen has links to searches for issues that are unresolved, recently added, recently resolved or updated, assigned to me, reported by me, etc.
  • People -  not currently used.
  • Reports - lists popular reports for analyzing issues in a project
  • Calendar - displays issues that are due in a calendar format.
  • Components - the components links groups issue by component and shows you unresolved and recently updated issues for a specific component within the project.