Syracuse University residence halls are provided Charter Spectrum digital cable television services including the SpectrumU TV app as well as digital QAM signal through coaxial cable connections directly to student televisions.

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SpectrumU TV (TV on the Go)

U Spectrum

Student living in Syracuse University residents halls are provided access to the SpectrumU TV app. SpectrumU TV is a video streaming service that delivers live TV with news, sports and entertainment in addition to on-demand television shows and movies to iOS and Android mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops over Syracuse University campus networks.

Accessing Spectrum U

Start by ensuring your device is connected to a university network. If you are using a mobile device, ensure Wi-Fi is enabled as the SpectrumU TV app will not function when connected to cellular data or non-University networks. 

Next, access is gained through an app that is downloaded to your devices or through a browser. No username or password is required.

  • For iOS and Android, download the SpectrumU app from their respective app stores below:

    apple store spectrumu appgoogle play spectrumu app

  • From a browser, go to  Support browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Supported Operating System include Windows 10 or macOS 10.12 and newer. 

Other Devices

The Spectrum TV application available on other devices, such as the one found on Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku, is not related to the SpectrumU TV offering and is currently not supported. ITS will continue to monitor the availability of new devices as they are enabled for this service.

SpectrumU TV Channel Guide

Access to the interactive guide requires a device connected to a Syracuse University network. The full interactive channel lineup and guide is available at


Residence Hall Cable TV (Connect Your TV)

Syracuse University residence halls are provided Charter Spectrum digital cable television services direct to your television through coaxial cable connection.

Configuring Your TV

Televisions will not receive digital channels automatically. To begin enjoying digital cable television:

  • Connect a coaxial cable to a QAM compatible television.
  • Ensure the TV is set to 'cable' or 'CATV' for the signal type. Avoid 'Air' or 'Antenna' as these will not receive the signal. 
  • Locate and run a channel scan, also referred to as 'auto program' or 'initial setup' on some TVs, to access all stations. This can can take several minutes.  
  • Additional details and instructions can be found on the Residence Hall Cable TV Setup and Troubleshooting page

Additional Charter Spectrum Services Not Available

Additional Charter Spectrum services, such as cable boxes, DVR services, and pay-per-view, are not available at any location at Syracuse University.

Need Help?

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315-443-2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.