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Canned Responses are predefined text that allows your team to quickly pick them when an email is being composed. This option is part of the Email This Issue Plugin

Using a Canned Response

Please following the instructions on the following page on how to use existing responses, Email This Issue Plugin

Requesting a Canned Response

Orange Tracker will allow a wiki style rendering for all comments and canned responses. This allows the user to edit the message and add in headings, text effects, links, lists, and many other forms of text formatting. For more information, please use the following link:

The Orange Tracker team will take requests for adding in the canned response. You will have to send a request to and request a canned response, providing the following information:

  • Name of the department using the response: This helps organize the responses into groups
  • Name of the response
  • Text you want the response to hold: Please format your response using the wiki style

The Orange Tracker team will copy the exact text into the Orange Tracker system and if you have applied any wiki style formatting, it will show in the response.