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Introduction provides captioning, transcribing, and translation services, and can assist you in captioning your videos. If you have an Ensemble account, you can link your videos to and easily place an order to have them captioned.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Upload and publish your videos within Ensemble
  • Set up a account
  • Link your Ensemble account to
  • Place an order with
  • Download your caption files so that you can use them elsewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Upload your caption files back to Ensemble
  • Review your captioned video in Ensemble



Uploading and Publishing Videos Within Ensemble


This section requires you to have an Ensemble account already set up. Find information on getting started with Ensemble.


After logging into your Ensemble account, navigate to the "+ add" button near the upper right of the screen.

Ensemble upload screen with add button highlighted

This will cause the Ensemble Description, Keywords and Credits screen to display:

Description, Keywords and Credits screen

On the Description, Keywords and Credits screen, enter the information for your video and select Continue (or press the Enter/Return key). This will display the Manage Content screen.

In the Manage Content screen, you can add files by dragging them into the page, or by selecting the Add file button and navigating to your video file in a window that pops up. Make sure that the Type field (near the top of the screen) is set to Audio/Video.

Manage Content screen with Type field, upload area, and Add file button highlighted

Once you have added your video, select Start Upload. After the upload has completed, select Save & Continue.

Manage Content screen with Start Upload and Save and Continue buttons highlighted

Finally, the Publish screen will display. Edit any information you would like, and select Save and Publish.

Publish screen with Save and Publish button highlighted


Setting up a Account

To set up a account, first navigate to the Rev website and select Sign In (in the upper-right portion of the screen). home page with Sign In link highlighted

At the Sign In screen, select the Create Account button (right side of the screen) and fill your information out in the form that appears. (Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the new account registration page.) sign-in screen with Create an Account section highlighted


After you have created your account (you may have to verify that your email address is valid), you should be able to sign in using the Sign In link on the home page.



Linking your Ensemble Account to

Linking your Ensemble account to allows you to quickly and easily place orders to have your Ensemble videos captioned. Rev also allows you to link up your YouTube account, although doing so is beyond the scope of this tutorial.


Please note that will only be able to access those videos that you have already published!

First, navigate to and sign in to your account. home page with Sign In link highlighted

After you have signed in, the Order History screen will display. In the sidebar on the left of this screen, go to Settings. Order History screen with Settings link highlighted

In Settings, scroll down and navigate to Integration Settings. (Your screen may look slightly different from the image in the picture below.)

Select Link New Account. In the pop-up that displays, select Ensemble as the account type. Enter your SU email address ( as your Ensemble username, and then enter your SU NetID password. The web application URL to enter is:

Settings screen with Integration Settings section displayed and Link New Account button highlighted

Link New Account screen


Placing an Order with

Navigate to the Order History page (select your username in the upper-right of the screen when signed on), and select the Place New Order button. In the dropdown menu that appears, select Captions. Order History page with Place New Order button highlighted

The Create Your Caption Order screen will display. Select the From Ensemble button. In the pop-up that displays, select your library and the video(s) that you would like to place an order for, and select the Add Selected to Cart button.

Create Your Caption Order screen with From Ensemble button highlighted

Video picker pop-up screen


As noted earlier, videos that you have not already published will not show up on the above screen.


A link to the video(s) you have selected will show up in your Cart, along with the length (in minutes) of each video and the cost of your order. Select Checkout when done.

Create Your Caption Order window with two videos in cart


Downloading your Caption Files

Once the Rev staff have processed your order and completed captioning your video(s), your order(s) will show up as Complete on the Order History page. When setting up your preferences you can also request that an email be sent to you when the caption file is complete.

To view a list of caption files for a video or set of videos, select the name of a given order from the Order History page. The screen for that given order will display.

Screen displaying list of downloadable caption files


Important: By default, provides XML-format caption files. If you are using YouTube to host your videos, this format will not work, as it is not supported by YouTube. The instructions below will assist you in downloading your caption files in either XML or the more compatible SubRip (.srt) format.

If you would like to download your caption files in XML format (Rev default setting; not recommended):

  • Select the name of an individual clip from the list shown, or select the link (most likely at the top of the list) that reads Click here for a zip of all [number] documents.

If you would like to download your caption files in SubRip (.srt) or another format (for compatibility with YouTube or other video clients):

  • Scroll to the end of the list of caption files
  • Select the link titled Need your documents in another format? Download for Free. This will cause a drop-down menu and a Download button to display.
  • In the drop-down menu that displays, select SubRip (.srt) (or whichever format you need), and select the Download button.
  • Your file(s) will download in a .zip file.

List of downloadable caption files with Need your documents in another format option highlighted


The accuracy of captions generated by may vary depending on a number of factors. You may wish to review your video before publishing it in order to ensure that the captions are accurate.



Uploading Caption Files Back to Ensemble


Ensemble can directly utilize the .xml files that generates.


Log into your Ensemble account.

After you have logged in, find the video you would like to upload captions from the Media Library, and select the Edit button (on the right side of the toolbar below the video).

Media Library screen with Edit button highlighted

On the toolbar at the top of the screen that displays, select the Caption tab to navigate to the Caption screen, and then select the Upload Caption File option. Select the Add file button to locate and add your caption file.

Caption screen with Caption tab, Upload Captions File, and Add file highlighted

Your caption file will display in the window. Select the Start Upload button, and then select Continue after the upload has completed.

Caption screen with caption file name, Start Upload button, and Continue button highlighted

Your caption file will then display at the top of the screen.

Caption screen with uploaded caption file highlighted

Select Continue to finish. The Publish screen will display, allowing you to change publishing options for your video.


If you would like to view your video before publishing, you can do so by either selecting your video in the Media Library, or by selecting the Preview button in the upper-right of any of the Edit screens.



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