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SU Cascade WCMS Developers Group


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Cascade training

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Cascade Knowledge Base
Glossary of Cascade Server Terms
Cascade Server FAQ (online)

Online demos

Cascade Training documentation

From Lauri Frances
Linking in the WYSIWYG editor.doc
How to Create Panorama Images.docx
Uploading a New File.docx
Using cascade.doc

From Cindy Barry

From ITS
itsapps:SU Functional User Introduction training outline - from ITS

Speeding up Cascade

From Hannon Hill: Ideas
From Hannon Hill: Publishing
Cascade Experts blog on Indexing

Other Cascade Server Developer Resources

Syracuse University
AEA Cascade Training Support Site
Avenue A / Razorfish code drop for 2009 Syracuse University Web Design
Syracuse University Web Style Guide
HigherEd Cascade User Listserv

XML and XSLT XML tutorial
XML Tutorial
XSLT Tutorial
XPath Tutorial

IE6 and IE7 CSS differences
CSS Selector Syntax (See First Table)
CSS Reset Style Sheets -
Doctype Article -

Recommended Beginner/Intermediate CSS Books

Web Aim
Section 508
aascshare:WebAIM site links
aascshare:WebAIM 12-11-2009 webinar notes

Web Management and Web Developer tools

Some tools to help manage and work on your web site with or without a Cascade Server implementation. 

Google Analytics
Notepad++ download
Oxygen XML editor
WYSIWYG Web Builder 6
Eclipse (Text Editor - Download Classic) -
WebZip (Download Site For Offline Browsing) -
Spoon (Load Legacy Browsers Via Web) -


Community Documentation

Please include name, date and person who contributed document in the link name.

itsapps:Cascade developer training - July 2009 from Cindy Barry

itsapps:Cascade Site Components Relationship diagram (version 6) - July 2009 from Hannon Hill trainer Ross Williams
itsapps:Using a single template with multiple Content Types diagram (version 6) - July 2009 from Hannon Hill trainer Ross Williams
itsapps:Cascade version 5 Components UML diagram - March 2008 from Michael Haskell of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Best practices notes

Cascade component

Metadata: If you have a metadata field the will updated often, set it as IN LINE.

Other components

Videos: Use Whitman's Ensemble to store your vidoes; for more information, check their website.