With the upgrade of Cascade from version 7 to version 8, comes a brand-new, highly user-friendly user interface. Version 8 contains all of the same functions that existed in version 7. Information on specifics can be found or directed to below.

General Cascade Information

Hannon-Hill provides a great knowledge base with information pertaining to version 8 of Cascade.

This knowledge base can be found at: https://www.hannonhill.com/cascadecms/latest/index.html

The Dashboard

Cascade version 8 now directs users to a dashboard containing an overview of their sites. If a user has a default site selected, it will not default to navigating into that site. Instead, data and content from the default site will populate the widgets on your dashboard.

More information on the dashboard: https://www.hannonhill.com/cascadecms/latest/cascade-in-60-videos/dashboard-getting-started.html

Asset View Name Changed

Some might have noticed that the asset names may have changed after the upgrade. However, the file name did stay the same. With the version 8 upgrade, assets then displayed the Display Name or Title found in the metadata instead of the file or container name. If you prefer the old naming styles, select your profile avatar from the top-right navigation bar, then select SettingsFrom there, locate the Appearance of Asset Links section and uncheck the corresponding checkbox. Be sure to select submit after making the change.

Additional Information: https://www.hannonhill.com/cascadecms/latest/cascade-basics/asset-display-options.html

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