For customers to see tickets in the portal, the Customer Request Type field needs to have a value. We are tracking an issue where several migrated issues do not have a Customer Request Type. We are working with our Atlassian Consultant to correct this issue. We will edit all tickets that currently do not have a value in the Customer Request Type field and add a value. Post migration tickets and tickets edited by team members that already have a Customer Request Type will not be impacted.

The Customer Request Type is connected to the Issue Type. For example, all projects should have an "Email" Request Type that is connected to a "Service Request" Issue Type. Many project teams only use the Service Request Issue Type, but we have a few projects that use more than one Issue Type. For example, X project uses the "Troubleshooting" Issue Type and filters issues by this Issue Type. For those projects, we will work with you if you want to retain your Issue Types and not replace them with the standard "Service Request" Issue Type.

To correct this, we will do the following:

  • The Atlassian Consultant will edit all issues with a "Service Request" Issue Type and add the "Email" Request Type. The bulk of the issues fit into this step.
  • All other Issue Types will be handled by the AASCSYS team and the project team, which can be one of the following:
    • Add the "Email" Request Type to the issues and change the Issue Type to Service Request
    • Create a new Request Type matching the Issue Type and add that Request Type to the issues, retaining the current Issue Type
  • All Sub-Tasks will remain without a Request Type. This is by design and we cannot add a Request Type to Sub-Tasks

When we edit the ticket, the Updated field will update, and you'll see the change in the ticket history.

You will not receive any email notifications about the change. And we will reach out to project teams over the next few weeks to address the rest of the issues that don't have a Service Request Issue Type.

We will update this page with any statuses to track the efforts.

Updates Log

The AAP team has focused on updating the most recent tickets in order minimize any impact.

07/31/2023: All tickets within the last month have had the Customer Request Type added

08/01/2023: Started to review all tickets within this year and add the Customer Request Type

08/07/2023: Started to review all tickets within the last 7 years and add the Customer Request Type

The Consultant work is focusing on the the rest of the issues without a Customer Request Type

07/31/2023: 500,000 Tickets remaining

08/08/2023: 2,000 Tickets remaining

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