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Below are instructions to configure Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC), as well as required steps to log into Cisco Finesse remotely. 

System Requirements

Operating System

Currently, Cisco IP Communicator is only compatible with Windows 10.

If you prefer to use a Mac desktop or laptop, you may Bootcamp Windows 10. It is not recommended that you utilize Windows 10 through Parallels. Please note that it is preferred that you use a non-AD device as steps in configuration requires running as  administrator. 


Other than a working Windows 10 laptop you'll need a working headset and microphone. 

Requesting Equipment

Please discuss your home equipment with your direct manager. 

Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) First Time Configuration

You will only need to run CIPC First Time Configuration on a personal computer. If you have a computer that is AD bound and has been issued to you by the university, this configuration has already been run. You can skip to "Connecting to Finesse." If you cannot connect to Finesse from your university issued machine, please contact your departmental tech support team.

1. Connect to the VPN via SURA

Please connect to the VPN via SURA. If you do not have SURA downloaded, visit to access the file. 

2. Download and Run CiscoVoipConfigTool.exe

The CiscoVoipConfigTool will give you on screen instructions with what needs to be run and will open specific ports so that your CIPC will work. Files are found at the bottom of this page.

3.  Download and Install CIPC

Download CIPC and allow it to launch. Follow the prompts to install. These steps are simple and you are welcome to use the default settings. You'll be required to restart your machine in order to proceed. 

4. Configure CIPC 

Once restarted, run the CIPC program as administrator. 

You'll be prompted to configure the settings. If you are not automatically and you reach the CIPC phone window, click the left most button in the top right row of options. You'll be looking for the Audio Tuning Wizard and preferences, specifically networking, for the two next steps. 

Configure your preferred audio device following the prompts. Ensure both your headset and microphone are working using the tests. 

Configure your Finesse account with CIC in the window that will pop up. You should be in a preferences window under "Network".

Select 'use this device' and enter your CIPC Device Name. This is a user name that starts with CIPC and contains your name or your NetID. Please get this information from your Manager/Supervisor.

Select 'use TFTP' use and

Once you save, you are all set. 

Connecting to Finesse

In order to proceed, please note that these steps assume that you have already downloaded, run, and configured both the CiscoVoipConfigTool and CIPC using the steps above. 

1. Connect to the VPN using SURA

If you are not already, open SURA and connect to the SU VPN. 

2. Launch CIPC and Connect to Your Line

Click on the globe symbol and if you are a Staff Member enter '1' plus your 10 digit number (ex. x3145 would be '13154433145') and then your 5 digit pin ('12345' by default). 

This may take a few seconds to configure after entering. 

Review that you are now seeing both your 4 digit personal extension and 5 digit Finesse extension on the CIPC window. If not, attempt to configure again.

3. Login to Cisco Finesse

Open a web browser and navigate to

Log in using your NetID, password, and 5 digit Finesse extension. 

You should now be able to take calls. The CIPC window will function exactly as a physical office phone. 

Reconnecting Your Physical Desk Phone

If you have connected your phone line to CIPC remotely you'll be required to reconfigure your phone at your office desk location. To do so, click the gear symbol on your physical phone and select option 7. Enter '1' plus your 10 digit number (ex. x3145 would be '13154433145') and then your 5 digit pin ('12345' by default). This may take a few seconds to configure after entering. 

You can now use your desk phone as you normally would. 

Getting Help

The Syracuse University Telecommunications department is the primary point of contact for telephony related issues, including questions and issues related to Finesse Contact Center.

If you have questions or concerns about IP phones, or any telephone on campus, please contact the ITS Telecommunications department at or 315-443-4730.

Additional details and telephony services can also be viewed on the Telecommunications home page