How-To Clear the Browser History and Cache in Firefox

Follow the steps below to clear the cache of your Firefox Browser. 

  1. Close all open Firefox windows and tabs. Open a new Firefox window.

  2. Click the Menu button in the top right

  3. Select the "Settings" button (Marked by a gear icon) - Note: Older versions of Firefox on macOS or Windows may say "Preferences" or "Options". 

    firefox settings

  4. On the left select the Privacy & Security tab

    firefox privacy and security
  5. Locate and click "Clear History".

  6. A dialogue box will appear, select the items to delete. Before proceeding, verify that the time range to clear is set to "Everything". Next, ensure the options below are selected.   

    firefox cach clear options

  7. Now click the "OK" button.

    You  have now cleared the cache of your Firefox browser! We recommend closing and restarting the program. 

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