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  1. Close all open Firefox windows and tabs.  Open a new Firefox window. 

  2. At the menu bar at the top of your screen, click on "Firefox" menu and select "Preferences"

  3. Navigate to "Privacy & Security" and find the section that reads "Cookies and Site Data."
    A picture shows the Firefox settings expanded menu.
  4.  Under Cookies and Site data, click "Clear data...". Make sure the setting for cookies and cache are both checked, then click "clear".
    A screenshot shows the options you are presented with when clearing data, keeping cookies and cached web content checked.
  5. Click "Clear Now".  Quit Firefox and restart the browser.

    A picture is shown displaying a prompt asking if the user wants to clear all cookies and site data.
  6. To clear history, simply go to the menus at the top of Firefox, choose "History" menu and "Clear recent history." You can also remove cache/cookies from this menu, but be sure to select "All Time" for the range if you are removing cookies/cache as troubleshooting