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To clear the browser history (including cookies and cache) in Microsoft Edge, use one of the following steps.


Step 1 - Open the Settings Menu

In the top right hand corner you'll see three dots in a horizontal line. Clicking here opens a drop down that reveals the settings option. Select "Settings".

Select "Settings".

Edge Settings Button

Step 2 - Locate Clearing Browsing Data

Once in settings, select "Choose what to clear".

Locate Clearing Browser Data

Step 3 - Choosing What to Clear

You'll reach a screen that has you check off what you'd like to clear. It is recommended that you check off the first four boxes (Browsing History, Cookies and saved website data, Cached data and files, and Download history). Next, click "Clear". 

Step 4 - Restart the Browser

Now that you have cleared the browser history and cache it is recommended that you restart the program. Click the "X" in the top right hand corner. 

You can now restart the browser and resume your task. 

Close and restart browser

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