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This document covers the methods in which to export resources, or content, from Collage. 

1.72GB ~ 10 minutes (.tar archive, include metadata .csv)

Downloading Collections


Follow the steps below to download all resources in a collection. 

  1. Select your user avatar from the top-right
  2. Select My collections
  3. Locate the desired collection to be downloaded in the list
  4. In the Actions column of the desired Collection, select the Action... dropdown
  5. From the dropdown, select Download
  6. On the download page, set the desired parameters for the download:
    1. Download Size
    2. Use original if selected size is unavailable?
    3. Include metadata CSV file to the archive?
    4. Download file format 

      Set to .tar archive option! Otherwise the download will timeout.

  7. Select Download

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