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Compliance Sheriff Application hits End of Life (EOL) on December 3, 2020

The Compliance Sheriff Application's license is not being renewed and will
expire December 3, 2020. The application will be halted and the hosting
server/vm will be powered off shortly after 6:00 a.m. ET Thursday, December 3,

What is Compliance Sheriff?

Compliance Sheriff helps ensure your online content complies with web accessibility standards from WCAG to Section 508, the EU’s EN 301 549, AODA to Canada's Standard on Accessibility and more. Customers can quickly identify, prioritize and correct problems throughout all of their web properties – spending time on the most important tasks.

How to get Access

No additional access is being granted to Compliance Sheriff due to its imminent end of life.

User Guidelines

If you or your department is new to using Compliance Sheriff please

  • Quick Scans are for one off scans, you will not be able to compare the results against any other scans.
    • The view results link after a quick scan will appear to the right of the scan button (above the save options area).
  • Create a scan group for your department.
  • Any scans you create please include in your scan group.
    • Label any scans with a Prefix of your department (e.g. "ITS -").
    • Be sure to scan the HTTPS version of the site.
      • If the site you are trying to scan does not accept ssl, it is imperative that you configure it to do so. You will be unable to view much of the content in the rendered view because of a mixed html warning that most browsers will not allow the viewing of http content from a https site (compliance sheriff).
      • Make sure that you are not trying to scan a redirect url (e.g. which redirects to In this case you would set your scan to 
    • To select additional, non-HTML file types to be included in the scan, select Include PDF files and/or Scan Office documents. When scanned, the files are converted to HTML and then processed against the checkpoints defined in the scan.

    • Use the Retest all pages option: This option has become legacy. This used to check the hash of the page to see if it is the same as the previous scan and retested the page if it noticed a change. Many websites not use Google analytics and other java objects which change on each load and thus the hash will be different each time. It may not be possible to keep your revised results with this option any longer. You will now be required to download your results as a CSV and Import them back in after a successful new scan.

    • The Scan Local Content selection is if you are scanning a webpage published on your local machine. This requires and additional client installed please put in a OT request if you think you require this option.
  • Use caution when setting up schedules and monitoring of webpages and the times you set the scans.
    • You may want to look at the existing scheduled scans a pick a time that is not over burdening the system during peak use hours.
  • If you wish to create your own Checkpoint group please follow the instructions above and request additional access through OT to Edit Checkpoint Groups.

How is the Health Score Calculated?

Quote from Compliance Sheriff Help Text

Health Score = 6 / ({# pages failing a Priority 1 checkpoint} + 9) + 2 / ({# pages failing a Priority 2 checkpoint} + 9) + 1 / ({# pages failing a Priority 3 checkpoint} + 9)

Translated this means that the health score is calculated based on the number of pages, which have a priority checkpoint failure.

  • 66% is Priority 1 Failures
  • 22% is Priority 2 Failures
  • 11% is Priority 3 Failures

Example 1: 10 page scan and all 10 pages have only Priority 1 Failures your health score will be ~64%

Example 2: 10 page scan and all 10 pages have each Priority Failure your health score will be ~47%

Example 3: 5000 page scan and 50 pages have each Priority Failure your health score will be ~15%

If you are scanning more than 10 pages your probability of having a health score lower than 50% is very high. The more pages you scan the higher the chance to receive a 0% health score.

Specific Documentation

Scan Aborted Error Codes

We are working with the vendor to eliminate/limit the amount of these errors. If you receive any of the follow try running the scan again.

  • Error code -2147483645 indicates that the worker tried to do an incorrect memory allocation
  • Error code -532462766 is the error normally found when the worker is running low on RAM and eventually crashes

User Documentation

Crytzone Issued Documentation

Please check the help menu while in Compliance Sheriff (located in the upper right) for additional information not included in this manual

Compliance Sheriff Help on

Compliance Sheriff V5.2 User Guide.pdf

Release Notes

Compliance Sheriff V5.2.8 Release Notes.pdf