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Instructions for setting up an Exchange e-mail account on an iPhone or iPod Touch for faculty and staff. 

Students should follow these instructions for setting up SUmail (the student email system) on these devices:  SUmail instructions

Preparing Exchange for SUMail

If you received an email indicating you need to configure your Exchange account in preparation for migration to SUMail, we recommend simply removing your account from the device and reconfiguring the account using the steps below. Configuring your email account with your full email address will properly prepare you for your account's migration. More migration details are available on the Exchange Email Migration to SUMail page.

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Steps to Configure Exchange on an iOS Device

  1. A network connection is required to configure your account. If you are connecting to AirOrangeX (AoX) you can check to ensure the phone is connected in the wireless settings or go to Safari and verify that you are connected to the network. If you are having trouble connecting to AoX please refer to our iOS AoX configuration instructions.

  2. Locate and open  Settings and choose the Mail option.

  3. Under Mail select "Accounts" then "Add Account."

  4. Select Exchange.

  5. Enter your Syracuse University Email address in the "Email" field. the Description will default to the name "Exchange" but this is only a label to differentiate from any other email accounts on your device so feel free to change the name to whatever you would like. Then click "next."

  6. When prompted to sign in to your Exchange Account, select "Sign In"

  7. Enter your password into the "Password" field and press "Next."

    Enter your password

  8. The next screen will give you options to choose what data to sync. If you're unsure leave all of the options on.  Hit "Save" to finish.

  9. Go to your mail app and verify that your email is receiving properly. 

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