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3.  Enter your into the email address line and click Continue.

4. Enter your NetID password and click "Sign In".

enter password and sign in

Manually Configuring SUMail to Android Tablets

Images are courtesy of Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop). For Newer versions of Androids, it is suggested to configuring by using the Outlook App as described above.

Step 1 - Open the Settings App

android tablet home screen

Step 2 - Open the Email App Settings

Click on "Applications" and then select "Email". If you have an account already, select "Add account". If you do not have an account, skip to the next step.

android application options in settings

Step 3 - Configure Your Account

Enter the email and password and click "Done". If you are greeted by the error below, click "Edit Details" and select "Manual Setup".

setup could not finish error   enter account credentials screen

Select "Microsoft Exchange Activesync".

locate and select Microsoft exchange activesync

The android mail app automatically inputs a "\" in the Domain/username. Remove this and enter the full email address. You'll want to have the student enter the netid password.

The server will be Be sure to also leave "Use secure connection (SSL)" checked. Click "Next".

verify credentials before proceeding

Exchange Accounts

Some students (usually grad students) can have an AD account. If so, use the same process while using the server

Step 4 - Activate the Mail App and Approve Security Administration

You'll be prompted to activate the mail application. Click "OK".

activation warning click ok to proceed

Approve remote security administration. This is a requirement to sync your account. 

security warning click ok to proceed

Step 5 - Select Sync Options

Select the desired account options and sync-able items and hit "Next".

sync options for accounts configured

Screen Unlock Settings - Exchange Users

Exchange account users are required to have a screen lock enabled. Hitting next will prompt the screen unlock settings window. Enabling any of the options will allow the account to be synced to the device.

Step 6 - Name your Account

The email account can be named anything. Select "Next" when done. 

account naming screen

If this is your first email account, you'll be prompted to active the device administrator. 

activation requirements screen

You will automatically be entered into the account. If not, return to the home screen and select the mail application. If multiple accounts are synced, the student should select the one with the name they just created.

Can't Sync the Email Account?

Make sure the device has a connection to a network (wired or wireless).

Revisit the configuration. Ensure that Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync was selected and the server was used.

Can they log into SUMail? Have them attempt to do so. If they indicate they log into their mail at (some grad students), use the server If necessary, have the student verify their credentials on our NetID self-service page.

Configuring SUmail to Android Phones

This is a basic visual representation. Each version of the Android/Kindle operating system will look slightly different. Please click the images to enlarge.

Step 1 - Navigate to your apps and open up the Accounts app.

Accounts under settings

Step 2 - Select Add account

Add account

Step 3- Select Email

Email under Accounts    Other Email

Step 4 - Select Account Type

Select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" as the account type.

Microsoft Exchange Active Sync

Step 5 - Enter Your Credentials

Type in your email and password, be sure to uncheck 'Automatically configure account' if prompted.

Add Sumail

Step 6 - Verify Server Settings

If required, you will be brought to this page. Insert your sumail email address into the domain\username, password remains your sumail password and the exchange server should be Then click next.

verify credentials page before proceeding

Can't Sync the Email Account?

If your device is not seeing any of the SU wireless networks, or you simply can't connect to AirOrangeHelp, you may be having software or hardware related issues with the device. We recommend contacting the ITS Service Center for further assistance.

If the device will not complete the authentication step, please have the student verify their credentials on our NetID self service page.