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Configuring Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 to work with SUmail

Table of Contents

Account Settings

First you will need to retrieve your email settings

  1. Log into your SUmail account using the web interface at:
  2. Search Settings (The gear icon in the top right) for "POP and IMAP"
  3. A screen like this will appear

          pop and imap settings


Manual Configuration

  1. With Outlook open, navigate to File and Select "Add Account"
    add account option
  2. In the window that appears select "Manual setup or additional setup types" and press Next
  3. Select "POP or IMAP" and press Next
  4. Fill out the form with your NetID Credentials. For incoming mail server enter the POP Server name that you found above. Likewise for the Outgoing mail server enter the SMTP Server name from before.
    manual pop and imap settings window
  5. Click "More Settings ..."
  6. Navigate to the "Outgoing Server" tab
    1. Select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
    2. Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"
    outgoing server options menu
  7. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab
    1. Change the Incoming Server (POP3) to the POP Port number that you found above. Also check the box that says "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)"
    2. Change the Outgoing Server (SMTP) to the SMTP Port number that you found above. Also change the encryption method to the SMTP encryption method that you found before.  
    advanced internet email settings window
  8. Click OK then click Next
  9. Outlook will verify the account settings, if either test  fails double-check the settings.
  10. Click Finish and close the Account Settings window