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Before you configure your SUMail account to the Windows 10 device, be sure to confirm your credentials by logging in at If you are unable to log in, you can manage your password on the NetID self-service page.

Preparing Exchange for SUMail

If you received an email indicating you need to configure your Exchange account in preparation for migration to SUMail, we recommend simply removing your account from the device and reconfiguring the account using the steps below. Configuring your email account with your full email address will properly prepare you for your account's migration. More migration details are available on the Exchange Email Migration to SUMail page.

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Configuring Your Account to the Windows 10 Mail App

Step 1: Open the mail client

The mail client can be opened by selecting the mail app in the tile section of the start menu or by searching "mail" in the Windows 10 search box.

mail option within the windows 8 start menu or mail option within the windows 8 start menu via searching

Step 2: Click "Get Started"

If it is your first time in the app select "Get Started". If you already have an account setup in the application, it will be listed and you click the add account button.

welcome page for the windows mail application or account list for the windows mail application

Step 3: Select Exchange Account

Proper configuration of your SUMail requires that you select "Exchange" as the type of account you'd like to setup.

account type menu choose exchange

Step 4: Enter Your Email and Password

Enter your full email address ( and click next.

Next you'll need to enter your password and click "Sign-in".

You'll then be prompted with a Windows 10 security screen asking to make your PC more secure. Clicking on "Enforce these policies" is required to configure the account.

Note: If you are getting an error, please verify your password at Also ensure that you are using your full email address as the account name. If you get an indication that a mailbox has not been setup please contact us at 315-443-2677 or email Hours of Operation

enter your su email address   enter your netid password

Server and Domain

If you are asked to enter the server for any reason it will be If a "domain" box appears, you will leave it blank.

Step 5: Success!

As long as your credentials are correct and you have a valid internet connection you'll have indication that the account configuration was successful.

Click "Done" and you will be returned to the account list page which should now list your SUMail account (and any previously configured accounts).

Select your account and enjoy.

success window indicating you are all done   account list in windows mail application


Deleting Your Account from the Windows 10 Mail App

Step 1: In the Mail App Open the Settings Menu

Open the Windows 10 Mail app and enter your account. You'll want to select the settings button which will be a small gear symbol at the bottom of the screen.

click the gear within the mail application at the bottom for settings 

Step 2: Select Your Account

In the settings menu select "Accounts".

Next, select the account you wish to delete from the list of synced accounts.

locate accounts within the settings menu   view of settings options

Step 3: Delete the Account

Once you are on the account management page, select "Delete account".

You'll need to click the "Delete" button at the bottom of the next prompt to verify that this is the action you'd like to take.

view of account settings where delete account is visible   confirm deletion of account by selecting delete

Next you'll be prompted with a Windows 10 security screen asking to make your PC more secure. Clicking on "Enforce these policies" is required to delete the account.

Your account is now deleted from the Windows 10 mail app.


Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.