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The H: Drive is a personal network drive available throughout campus in labs and office locations where you log into your campus Windows profile. Using SURA you can access the H: drive remotely. 

The G: Drive, also available throughout campus in labs and office locations, is a shared drive managed by your administrative department or school or college. Students may access any G: drive locations remotely using the instructions below. 

Faculty and Staff G: Drive Remote Access

Please note that the G: drive is not accessible through SURA for faculty and staff. Staff seeking to access their G: drive remotely should connect to their work or office desktop using a remote desktop solution.

Need to connect? To request access, configure your work desktop, or to report an issue related to connecting to your work computer, please contact your academic or administrative support personnel.

Connecting to Available Drives Using SURA

Follow the steps below to connect remotely to a network drive on a Windows device.

Downloading SURA (Syracuse University Remote Access)

The first step of connecting to your H: and G: Drive would be to first connect to SURA. 

Please navigate to the website and select the Download tab and click on the Download button in the middle of the page.

Opening the SURA.exe file

Once the file SURA.exe has been downloaded, double click on the file to run SURA.exe

Connecting to the SURA VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Once SURA.exe has opened, you will be asked to enter your NetID login information in order to connect to the VPN

SURA sign in

Credentials Not Working?

If you are having trouble signing in, you can visit the website to manage your NetID password

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be prompted with a couple of options to choose from. You will want to click on the  Connect Drives icon under Network Drives

Locating your H: & G: Drives on your Windows computer

Once you have clicked on Connect Drives, both the H: drive and G drive should have populated on your machine. 

In order to locate those drives to access information, you must open This PC and the drives should be located right below the C: drive

Error Troubleshooting

If you run in to one of the error message below, try following the Troubleshooting Steps also listed below.

  •    "Cannot map directory path" because "The specified network password is not correct."
  •    "The local device name is already in use"
  •    "G:\ is not accessible. The user name or password is incorrect"

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Disconnect from SURA and close any open file manager windows.

  2. Using Windows search, type 'Credential Manager' and start the app. Click 'Windows Credentials'.

  3. Scroll down the list and look for an entry with your SU email address. Select it and click Edit. Enter your current NetID password.

    1. Alternatively, you can delete the entry and it will be recreated once you run SURA again.

Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315-443-2677 or by emailing

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