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The H: Drive is a personal network drive available throughout campus in labs and office locations where you log into your campus Windows profile. You can access the H: drive remotely using the steps below on macOS.

The G: Drive, also available throughout campus in labs and office locations, is a shared drive managed by your administrative department or school or college. Students may access any G: drive locations remotely using the instructions below. 

Faculty and Staff G: Drive Remote Access

Please note that the G: drive is not accessible through SURA for faculty and staff. Staff seeking to access their G: drive remotely should connect to their work or office desktop using a remote desktop solution.

Need to connect? To request access, configure your work desktop, or to report an issue related to connecting to your work computer, please contact your academic or administrative support personnel.

Windows Device?

If you require connecting remotely to a network drive on a Windows devices, follow the steps on the Configuring VPN on Windows (SURA) page.

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How to Connect Remotely to a Network Drive on macOS

Follow the steps below to connect remotely to a network drive on a macOS device.  

Setting Up a VPN Connection

First, configure your Mac to the VPN. Instructions can be found on the Configure VPN on macOS page.

Mapping your Network Drive

Use the procedure below to connect remotely to your network Home Directory.

  1. You can check your directory via a web interface. To do this, open a web browser and navigate to the Syracuse University Remote Access (SURA) website.

    SURA landing Page

  2. Enter your NetID in the Username field and your NetID password in the Password field. Click the Log In button.

  3. Both the Home Directory (H:)and the Shared Drive (G:) pathsare displayed.

    SURA Mapping drives page

  4. To connect to your drives go to Finder > Go > Connect to Server. Paste in the smb:// path you are trying to connect to and click Connect.

    Finder go menuconnect to server window
  5. If it is the first time you are connecting or have not connected in a while, you will need to enter your NetID and Password.

  6. You should now be connected and your drive should open in Finder.

    Finder window with network drive showing 

Configure VPN on MacOS

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