Below you will find instructions on connecting a Windows 10 device to AirOrangeX, Syracuse University's secure wireless network.

Table of Contents

Connecting Windows 10 to AirOrangeX

  1. Connect to AirOrangeHelp by clicking on the WiFi symbol on the bottom right of your taskbar and select AirOrangeHelp. Once selected, click Connect.

    connect to airorangehelp

  2. Once connected, your default browser will automatically launch bringing you to Click Start to begin the process. 

    AirOrangeHelp  start page with button

  3. The website will automatically detect you are on a Windows computer and present multiple options. Choose Download for Windows.

    download for windows screenshot with arrow pointing to download button

  4. Once downloaded, you will need to Open the file.

    open file pop up from Microsoft edge with Open circled
  5. This will open a File Explorer window. Double-click on Cloudpath to start extracting the file.

    Arrow pointing to Cloudpath exe file for extraction in file explorer

  6. You will be asked where you would like to extract the file. The default location determined by Windows should be used. Click Extract.

    extracting file location

  7. Once extracted, you can now run the Cloudpath application by double-clicking on the Cloudpath icon in File Explorer.

    arrow pointing to the Cloudpath application file explorer
  8. You may see an alert that states ">SmartScreen can't be reached right now." Choose Run.

    smart screen pop up with run circled

  9. Cloudpath will launch. At the Cloudpath screen, enter your NetID and NetID password to start the configuration.

    Cloudpath data entry screen with arrow pointing to next

  10. Once complete, Cloudpath will alert your that you are now connect to the AirOrangeX network. Congratulations! 

    congratulations screen from Cloudpath stating you are now connected


AirOrangeX is not an option in the list of available networks

If your computer is not seeing the AirOrangeX network appear in the list of your available WiFi networks, it is recommended that you first restart your computer. 

If you still can't see AirOrangeX after a full restart of the computer, we recommend contacting ITS for further assistance.. 

AirOrangeHelp or AirOrangeX states 'Connected' but No Internet

When on campus, you may find that you are able to connect to either AirOrangeHelp (AOH) or AirOrangeX (AOX) but your Wi-Fi will show No Internet and not be able to connect. We recommend first trying to Reset your Network Settings

  1. From the Start Menu, navigate to Settings
  2. Click Network & Internet
  3. Scroll down and click Reset Now
  4. Click Yes to confirm and restart your computer. (The computer will restart automatically in 5 minutes if you take no action) 
  5. Your computer will now restart and your network adapters and configuration will be reset.

Once your computer restarts, attempt to connect to AOH again by visiting:

AirOrangeHelp is the only page I can navigate to

If your preferred browser is being redirected back to the AirOrangeHelp page, please clear the cache of your browser to alleviate the redirect.

Cloudpath says there was an error connecting

First, please verify you are using the correct credentials on our NetID self-service page

Second, verify your date and/or time settings are correct. Without WiFi, some computers cannot accurately set the date and time causing a certificate to seem invalid. This can sometimes be an issue with international devices that are set to a different time zone, so we advise when attempting to connect to have that updated for the Eastern Time Zone prior to connecting.

Need Help?

If the device will not complete the authentication step, please verify you are using the correct credentials on our NetID self-service page.

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk  at 315-443-2677,, or by stopping into 1-227 CST during our Hours of Operation.