Below you will find instructions on connecting a Android device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Samsung Tab, Lenovo Tab, etc.) to AirOrangeX, Syracuse University's secure wireless network.

Table of Contents

Connecting Android 11 & 12 to AirOrangeX

  1. Launch the Settings application.

    settings icon in A11

  2. Tap on Connections inside the Settings app.

    arrow pointing to connections

  3. Tap on Wi-Fi to see the list of available networks.

    arrow pointed to Wi-Fi

  4. Choose AirOrangeX out of the list of available networks

    list of available networks on campus with AirOrangeX circled

  5. By default the network type should be PEAP. If it is not, you can change it by tapping on EAP Method.

    arrow pointed to PEAP settingsdrop down list of EAP settings

Next, choose the CA certificate - Don't validate

On Android 12 devices you would want to choose the "Use system certificates" and then you would have the option for "Don't validate".

You may also have a setting for "metered, unmetered, or automatically detect" and you need to set it to "unmetered" otherwise it will prevent connection.

Next, click on Advanced for more options and verify that Phase 2 authentication is set to MSCHAPV2

Finally, change the MAC address type away from Randomized MAC address to either Phone or Tablet MAC address.

Click Connect and congratulations! You are now connected to AirOrangeX!

Connecting Android 8.0 - Android 10 to AirOrangeX

Step 1 - Enter the Settings App

From the home screen, click on the apps button.

Image Android home

Next, click on the settings button.

Image Android settings

Step 2 - Select AirOrangeX

Under Connections navigate to Wi-Fi.

Image Android Wi-Fi  Connections

Select AirOrangeX from the list of connections.

Android Wi-Fi Connections  AirOrangeX

You can access the Wi-Fi menu at any time by swiping down from the top of the screen and holding down on the Wi-Fi icon.

Step 3 - Select Security Type and Enter Credentials

Make sure EAP method is set as PEAP

Under Phase 2 authentication, select MSCHAPV2

For CA certificate, select Do Not Validate
NOTE:  The message that "No certificate specified. Your connection will not be private." is expected.

Under Identity and password, enter your NetID credentials. (In Android 8.0 Oreo, this may be split into two windows.)

Additional steps for Android 11:

  • Set "Online Certificate Status" to Do Not Validate.  You may be required to put "" in the Domain field.
  • Tap "Advanced options" and "Use Randomized MAC (default)" to "Use Device MAC"

Additional steps for Android 12:

  • Set "CA Certificate" to Use System Certificates.   
  • Set "Online Certificate Status" to Do Not Validate.  You will be required to put "" in the Domain field.
  • Tap "Advanced options" and "Use Randomized MAC (default)" to "Use Device MAC"

No other fields will require attention.

Image Android security and credentials

Click Connect to proceed.

Step 4 - Verify Connection

AirOrangeX will now indicate that it is connected. The device is now connected to AirOrangeX.

Image Android connected to AirOrangeX


AirOrangeX is not an option in the list of available networks

If your device is not seeing the AirOrangeX network appear in the list of your available Wi-Fi networks, it is recommended that youfirst restart your device.  If you still can't see AirOrangeX after a full restart of the device, you may also toggle on Airplane Mode for 30 seconds to one minute then toggle it back off in attempt to find networks.

You are required to enter a Domain field entry to connect

You may be required to put "" in the Domain field on some Android devices that require a domain to connect to Wi-Fi.

Need Help?

If your device is not seeing any of the SU wireless networks, we recommend first contacting the IT customer support of the device you are using, as the issue may be related to a hardware component on the device.

If the device will not complete the authentication step, please verify you are using the correct credentials by visiting our NetID self-service page.

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk  at 315-443-2677,, or by stopping into 1-227 CST during our Hours of Operation.