Below you will find instructions on connecting a iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad)  to AirOrangeX, Syracuse University's secure wireless network.

Table of Contents

Visual Variances

Images shown are for iOS 14. Slight variations in text, locations, and application images will be present on different versions of iOS

Connecting an iPhone or iPad to AirOrangeX

  1. Launch the Settings application.

    Settings app

  2. Choose Wi-Fi from the list in Settings and connect to AirOrangeHelp.

    wifi with arrow pointing to selection 
    Wifi networks available

  3. Once connected to AirOrangeHelp, launch Safari and navigate to Click the Start button to begin.

    airorangehelp home page

  4. You will get a pop up stating that the site is attempting to download a profile. Click Allow.

    allow profile to be downloaded pop up

  5. You may be asked to Choose a Device. If asked, choose iPhone.

    choose a device pop up with iphone circled

  6. After the profile is downloaded, you will be directed to go back to the Settings app to finish the install. Click Close.

    profile downloaded pop up with close button circled

  7. Return to the Settings app and you will see an area for Profiles. Depending on your version of the operating system, the Profile area may be located lower in the Settings list. Click Profiles or Profile Downloaded.

    profile downloaded area in settings

  8. Once you've found the AirOrangeX profile, click Install.

    AirOrangeX profile with install button circled

  9. If you have a passcode on your device, you will be prompted to enter it at this time.

    passcode entry screen

  10. You will then be prompted to provide your NetID and NetID password. Click Next to move through the requests.

    Enter NetID for UsernameEnter NetID password

  11. Once configured, you can return to your Wi-Fi settings and connect to AirOrangeX. Congratulations!


AirOrangeX is not an option in the list of available networks

If your device is not seeing the AirOrangeX network appear in the list of your available Wi-Fi networks, it is recommended that you first restart your device. 

If you still can't see AirOrangeX after a full restart of the device, you may also toggle on Airplane Mode for 30 seconds to one minute to attempt to find networks.

iOS connects to AirOrangeHelp or Gadgets&Games

Rarely, after connecting to AirOrangeHelp to set up AirOrangeX, your operating system may try to continue to connect to AirOrangeHelp before trying to connect to AirOrangeX. Additionally, if you have connected to Gadgets&Games with the device, it may also choose that network before choosing AirOrangeX. This can be fixed by following the steps from Apple here:

Need Help?

If your device is not seeing any of the SU wireless networks, we recommend first contacting AppleCare Customer Support to be sure there is not a hardware problem with your Apple iPhone. 

If the device will not complete the authentication step, please verify you are using the correct credentials on our NetID self-service page.

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk  at 315-443-2677,, or by stopping into 1-227 CST during our Hours of Operation.