Syracuse University students residing in the Sheraton Hotel can connect to AirOrangeX (AOX), Syracuse University’s high-speed, secure wireless network, and Gadgets&Games, the open, unsecure wireless network, to get the same high-speed wireless connectivity enjoyed in other SU residence halls. SU’s wired network does not extend to the hotel.

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Connect to a University Network

Syracuse University provides wireless access for users staying in the Sheraton . To connect, please follow the instructions below as they vary by device type. 

Syracuse University does not wireless access on other floors and on any floors for wired network access in the Sheraton. If you require a wired connection, please contact the Sheraton Hotel front desk. 

Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet (AirOrangeX)

Computers, smartphones, and tablets require a secure connection to the AirOrangeX wireless network. To connect your computer, smartphone, or tablet, visit and follow the instructions for your device.

Connect Other Devices (Gadgets&Games)

Many, but not all gaming devices, TVs, streaming devices, TiVos, VoIP phones and similar devices are supported on the Gadgets&Games wireless network. They are not supported on AirOrangeX.

To connect your device(s), select the Gadgets&Games network, enter “OrangeNet#44su” in the password field, and proceed. Note that this password is not required in other residential locations throughout campus. 

Cable TV and Telephone Service (SpectrumU)

Syracuse University provides only wireless cable television services to Sheraton residence via our SpectrumU app. The app is accessible by browsers or application on devices connected to a University network. Full details and instructions are available at

Syracuse University does not provide wired Ethernet, wired cable, or telephone services to Sheraton users. If you have questions about or problems with availability of these service, contact the Sheraton Hotel front desk.

Getting Help

If you require additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk by voice at 315.443.2677, by email at, or by stopping into 1-227 Center for Science and Technology (hours of operation). 


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