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A guide to connecting to AirOrangeGuest Network.

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This document describes how to connect to AirOrangeGuest wireless access. Parents, alumni, and guests of the university are welcome to use AirOrangeGuest.  Additional details about guest wireless access can be found on the Visitor Wireless Guide.


Note that AirOrangeGuest is not a secured or encrypted network. Faculty, staff, and students should use AirOrangeX.  Use at your own risk. AirOrangeX connection instructions can be found on the AirOrangeX connections page

Creating a Self-Sponsored Account


A text capable cell phone (US or Canada) is required for self-sponsoring. If you do not have access to a text capable cell phone you will need to get sponsored by an SU staff/student or faculty.

  • Connect to the AirOrangeGuest network.

    Select AirOrangeGuest SSID

  • The self sponsor web page (shown below) should automatically appear.  If it does not open up a browser and it should be redirected to the self sponsor web page (shown below).
  • Enter your 10 digit cell phone in the space provided, accept the terms of use and click register.  (click any image to enlarge)

    Guest Registration Page
  • Review the information noting the expiration date and time.  Your cell should receive a text containing the code within a few minutes. When it does click to continue.

    Confirmation Page with Expiration Time
  • Enter your 10 digit cell phone # and the passcode sent to your phone and click the login button.

    AirOrangeGuest Login
  • The system will display a login message below before redirecting your browser to the SU web site.  You will have wireless access for 1 week.

  Network Login in Progress

Creating a Sponsored AirOrangeGuest Account

  • Go to https://guestadmin.syr.edu (you can do this from a wired or wireless connection) and login using your NetID and Password.  (click any image to enlarge)

    Sponsored AirOrangeGuest Page
  • Click on Create New Guest Account button in the middle of the screen to access the Wireless Guest Account Creation page.

    Create New Guest Account Page
  • Enter the requested information. Fields marked with an asterick * are required.

Guests Name

Company Name

Guests 10-digit Phone Number:  NOTE: Do not use any special characters in a phone number (only numbers).

Note the password provided

Enter any pertinent note information in the field provided.

AirOrangeGuest Create Account Page 2

  • Click on Create.  The web page will display account information and offer opportunities to print or transmit this information via a text message (SMS) or email.  Use this to transmit account credentials to the sponsored individual.

Finished Creating Account Page

Sponsored Account User Instructions

Instruct the sponsored account user to connect to AirOrangeGuest as their wireless network and then open a browser.  The browser should automatically open to the https://guest.syr.edu login page.

Instruct the user to login using the 10 digit phone number as the login name and the password assigned during the creation process.

Now access using the credentials received in the process

They should now be able to access the internet using the AirOrangeGuest network.