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All images must include alt text!  Be sure to follow these directions for each image you include on the page.

  1. Click either the Image icon  or the Macro button,  then choose the appropriate files and images
    1. Image Icon:
      Add Image Button on Toolbar
    2. Macro Button: 
      Add Files and Images Macro Button
  2. Upload and image and select Insert
  3. Click on the image once it has been embedded into the page, then click the Properties button on the right
    Selected Embeded Image Menu Bar
  4. Click the Title Tab and you will be able to specify a Title and Alt text for this image

Header Order

WCAG AA suggests that Headers only be placed in order. This means that when creating headers and sub headers do not skip from H1 to H3, they should be placed in sequence so that assistive devices or users do not think they have missed some content on the page. Please note that the page includes the Page Title as an H1 tag. Also, do NOT use a header in replacement for bold text!

Link Text

Be sure that if you are including a link, that the link is not just labeled "here" or "click here." Link text should be descriptive of the link that it is associated with.

Example: Please see more information about how to use link text on the W3 website.

Font Colors

Ensure that all font color you have chosen to be on your page meet the 4.5:1 contrast ratio and have a 3:1 contrast ratio to surrounding text if included in a paragraph.

Use the Color Contrast Determinator utility to help determine what is acceptable.

Attached and Linked Documents

Be sure that all documents linked to and attached that are PDF's or Office documents are compliant to Accessibility standards. More details are located on Answers.

Videos, Audio and Embedded Content

Be sure that any embedded videos, or audio have captions or transcripts of what is included. More details about captions is located on Answers.

Any Embedded content using iFrames or Scripts should also be compliant. This includes video embeds and survey forms.