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While Logged into Orange Tracker

Create Button

Before you begin, you need the Create Issue project permission for the issue's relevant project.

  1. Click Create at the top of the screen to open the Create Issue dialog box.
  2. Select the relevant Project and Issue Type in the Create Issue dialog box.
  3. Type a Summary for the issue and complete any appropriate fields — at least the required ones that are marked by an asterisk.
    If you want to access fields that are not shown in this dialog box, or you want to hide existing fields:
    1. Click the Configure Fields button at the top right of the screen.
    2. Click Custom and select the fields you want to show or hide by selecting or clearing the relevant check boxes respectively, or click All to show all fields.
      When you next create an issue, these selected fields will be displayed.
  4. Optional: To create a series of similar issues – with the same Project and Issue Type – select the Create another checkbox at the bottom of the dialog. Depending on your configuration and the values you may have specified when creating previous issues, some of the fields in the new Create Issue dialog box may be pre-populated. Make sure you check they're all correct before creating the next issue.
  5. When you are satisfied with the content of your issue, click the Create button.
    1. Depending on the email notification scheme configured for the project, the reporter you entered on the issue may receive an email containing a link to the new issue and some information about the issue.

Creating Issues via Email

To create a new issue using email, send an email to the project's email address or to the vanity email address associated with the project.   All projects have an Orange Tracker internal email address that consists of the project key and "" (ex:  Since the internal Orange Tracker email address could change in the future, do not publicize this address.  If you wish to publicize an address for people to generate tickets requesting assistance, create a vanity account and route the vanity account's email to the internal email address for the Orange Tracker project.  For example, the ITS Help Desk uses  If you need help with a vanity account, see you local IT support person or contact the ITS Help Desk.

You can also create a web form that sends an email to a project's email address or associated vanity account.  The form can then be used to gather relevant information that will appear in the Orange Tracker ticket. 

The sections of an email get translated into an Orange Tracker ticket as follows:

EmailOrange Tracker Ticket Field
date/time sentcreated date
attachment(s) to emailattachment(s) in the issue

The bcc field on the email is dropped – it is not translated into the ticket.

*The user added as a watcher via the cc field of the email must have permissions to view the issue or they will not be able to access the ticket generated by the email.

Creating Issues versus Comments via Email

If an email is sent to the email address of a project, and it has an existing issue key anywhere in the subject line  (ex: Help-100), the email will be entered as a comment on the existing issue.  If the email does not have an existing issue key in the subject line, it will generate a new issue in the project.

Cloning an Issue and Creating Sub-Tasks

For more information on cloning issues, creating sub-tasks, and other items, please see the following page: