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In order to create, manage and delete Listserv visit the Listserv home page

Select "Create" under "For List Owners/Moderators".

In this page there are options for creating

  1. New Discussion List : for public or private group discussion
    Discussion lists are intended to promote and encourage open discussion on specific topics.
    These can be either public or private.
    This option is offered on the list request form.
  2. New Broadcast List : for announcements only
    For lists whose purpose is to disseminate information and announcements to members, but not to receive messages back from them. These lists must have one or more editors who send the announcements.
  3. New Customized List : use for special features
    For special situations and features, such as digests, archives, multiple owners, or where unusual combinations of features are needed.
  4. New Class List :  for instructional use in classes
    For use in classes where the faculty member wants to use email to communicate with students.
    Class lists are configured so that either students self-subscribe or the instructor adds student's email addresses.
    This option is offered on the list request form. 

There is also a link to Request List Deletion.

On clicking on your desired link a form is provided to fill in list information. On submitting the form a request is sent to Listserv management team who will create the listserv for you and notify you through sumail.


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