Currently, there is no direct integration between Frevvo and Orange Tracker. However, there are methods in which to receive form submissions from a Frevvo form into Orange Tracker. Creating an Orange Tracker ticket upon form submission requires some slight modifications to the Frevvo form mechanisms. The following method outlines a way which utilizes Orange Tracker's email system when a form submission is emailed by Frevvo to the corresponding project.

Prior methods to submit into Orange Tracker used the "Reply To:" field to create an issue. This method should no longer be used. The "From:" field is now the appropriate field to be populated if you wish to submit into Orange Tracker.

Follow the process below to email submissions into Orange Tracker. 

  1. Edit the form that will have it's submissions pushed to Orange Tracker
  2. Select the gear icon in the top bar of the edit page
  3. Scroll over using the right-arrow, then select Document Actions
  4. In the Select an Action sidebar, select the Send Email option
  5. The form will automatically be sent out with and come into Orange Tracker with the email, If you wish the submitter of the form to be brought into Orange Tracker as the Issue Reporter, then the user name or email would have to be retrieved from an existing field in the form, and set as the From: address. An example is as follows, with a form field currently existing with a Name of netID. Inside and including the curly braces will be replaced with whatever the submitter has placed within the netID field in the form upon submission. 

  6. The Message field formats how the email will look and which data field from the form it will include. 
    1. Each item desired to be required in the email (which will in turn be part of the Issue's description), will need to be manually entered and formatted here.
    2. Use {fieldName} to grab data and display it in the email.

  7. Select Submit to complete the setup.

  8. Save the form with the floppy disk icon in the top-right of the edit form page.
  9. Test the form to ensure that Orange Tracker is receiving the emailed submission correctly. Test process:
    1. Fill out and submit form that is set up to email to the OT project.
    2. Upon submission, give about 4-5 minutes for the Issue to be created. 
    3. If the issue is not created, check the Email Data to a specified address settings and process as mentioned in step 3 above.