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Within Teams it is possible to create a Team which provides a "hub of collaboration" to a group of individuals.  Collaboration through Teams offers threaded discussion, file sharing/Office document co-editing, instant/ad-hoc meetings and support for many third party tools.

Creation Process

  • Click the 'Join or create Team button'
    • For Grid View the button is located in the top right of the screen
    • For List View the button is at the bottom left of the screen

  • Choose 'Create a team'

  • When prompted, choose the type of Team you want to create
  • When prompted you can add users to the team using the People Picker.  Enter partial or full name, NetID or email address (external users)

  • For each user added to the team, assign their role as Owner or Member
    • We recommend at least two owners are configured in each Team

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