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Within Frevvo, forms can be created and used for data collection of a variety of purposes. That data can then be used however deemed fit. Follow the steps below to create a new form.

To create forms and applications, you must have an account in Frevvo with the Designer role!

How To

  1. Log into Frevvo
  2. Select My Applications from the menu on the left
    My Applications Image

  3. Select the Application where the form will exist

    All forms must exist in an application! If there are no applications yet created or a new one is desired, follow the process on Creating A New Application.

    Application Title Image

  4. Select (plus)New to the right of "ApplicationName :: Forms"
  5. From the template selection dialogue that appears, select Finish
    Form Template Image
    1. If a template is desired, select a template first, then select Finish
  6. This will finish creating the form within the application, and bring you to the form editor.

Additional information on the different controls and their use can be found at: