Pages are what comprise most of the content within Answers. Pages are created by the content editors within each space.

Space Permissions Required

In order to create or edit pages within Answers, you must have the Pages – Add space permission!

There are two methods to creating pages within Answers: creating from a blank page, and creating a page from an existing template. Both methods are outlined below. 

New Page Location

When creating a new Answers page, it will be created as a child page to the page you're currently on. Child pages are pages that are one level down within the page tree in relation to the current, or parent, page. 

Create Blank Page

The simplest and quickest way to create a page is to use the quick create option. Navigate to the parent page on which you'd like to create the new page under, then select the Create button from the top navigation bar.

Create New Blank Page Location 

Create Page From Template

The alternative to starting with a blank page, is to use one of the existing page templates. Page templates are preset templates within Answers that allow for quick creation of content that have anything from specific formatting to complex content. Page templates are managed by the individual space administrators. To create a new page using one of the existing page templates:

  1. Navigate to the parent page on which you'd like to create the new page under
  2. Select the Ellipsis button from the top navigation bar (to the right of the Create button)
  3. Select desired template from dialogue that opens
  4. Select Create from the bottom-right of the template dialogue

Create New Page From Template Button

Pre-Publish Process

After selecting Create on either of the methods mentioned above, you will be brought into the editor. See the editor page for additional details on the editor. 

Add Page Title

A page title is the bare minumum requirement for publishing/saving pages. 

Once all of the desired content has been added to the page, you have a few options available to you for the pre-publish process, listed below.

Preview Content

You have the ability to preview how your content will look before you publish it out the main audience. This allows you to review your content, catch any errors, and/or simply polish up the page before it goes live. If you used any macros on your page, this will also allow you view how those will appear once the page goes live, as they are simply grey boxes within the editor. To preview content, select the ellipsis button from the bottom-right toolbar within the editor, then select Preview. Once you're done previewing, you may continue on as you wish. 

Save As Draft

If you are not quite ready to push your content live, Answers has a great drafts feature. Drafts are automatically saved every 30 seconds within Answers, verified in the bottom -right toolbar to the left of the change log. To save a draft, all you need to do is select the Close button from the bottom-right toolbar while in the editor. This will place the draft in your user's Dashboard, ready for you to go back in and publish it when ready. 

Publish Process

Once you've done your review, verified everything is all set to go live, publishing is the final step in the process. To publish, simply select the Publish button from the bottom-right toolbar in the editor. This will make the page live and push your content out to the Answers community. 

Editing Answers Page

Once your page has been published, editing content is a simple task. Navigate to the page you wish to edit, then select the Edit button in the top-right of the content section of the page. 

Edit Page Button Location

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