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This page will show you some examples of have to use views to create some more digestible information, that can more easily be acted upon.

These View are easily copied from the AASC Examples. Please open them up, rename them and choose Save as New to clone an existing view.

Creating a View

When creating a view you have 7 sections in which to make adjustments

  • Show results for 
    • This allows the selection of what you would like to select from: Scans, Scan Groups, or Monitors.
  • Scans, Scan Groups or Monitors
    • Choose one or Multiple Items from this list to build a report on
  • Chart
    • There are few different Chart Types, and you may display each in a few different ways.
  • Summary
    • After the chart of the report you can have a few quick statistics displayed about the over all report
  • Table
    • This is how you configure the results section. If left unfiltered, it is very hard to digest what issues are the largest
  • Checkpoint Groups
    • If you scanned with several checkpoint group you can filter them here to get a better defined report. This is a multi-select field.
  • Pages
    • This is a wildcard enabled, comma separated list of addresses or url terms in which you can filter your results.
    • example: *help*,*about*

View Types

Scan Summary Report

Normally viewed after a scan by clicking on the health score.

Displays View of Selections to create Summary Report

In the Table Section

  • Table Type: Scan Summary

Issues by Page

Show the issues by Page > Group > Checkpoint

Displays View of Selections to create Issues by Page

In the Table Section

  • Table Type: Issue Classification
  • Group by: Page, Group, Checkpoint

Occurrence by Checkpoint

Show you where common problems exist on multiple pages. This makes it very easy to find where your template issues occur.

Displays View of Selections to create Occurrence by Checkpoint

In the Table Section

  • Table type: Occurnaces

Page Compliance by Page

Show specific pages in which failures occur, this can be filtered by priority.

Displays View of Selections to create Page Compliance

In the Table Section

  • Table type: Page Compliance
  • Group By: Result, Page, Checkpoint


List of File types

This can show you if you have any bad links on your site for css, js, or file types like pdf's or office documents. This is helpful to gather a list of PDF's available on all pages.

Displays View of Selections to create List of File Types

In the Table Section

  • Table type: File Types

Scan Group Scorecard by Checkpoint Group

Shows the Health Score by Checkpoint. This can be filtered to show specific checkpoints rather than large checkpoint groups. This can make it easy to prioritize which checkpoints need the most attention.

Displays View of Selections to create Group Scorecard

In Show result by section

  • Select Scan Groups

In the Table Section

  • Table type: Score Card
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