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This page will outline changes that are coming to the Orange Tracker (OT) system as well as any upgrades. Previous changes and upgrades are listed within this page for reference.

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Orange Tracker Changes

Current Changes

There are currently no changes being made to the system.

Previous Changes

For a list of previous changes, please see the Previous Changes and Upgrades page here:

Orange Tracker Upgrades

Current Upgrade

The ITS Academic Applications and Platforms (AAP) team is working on upgrading the Orange Tracker (OT) from JIRA version 8.5 to version 8.13. This upgrade will take place on 06/19/2021 at 5-10pm.

At this time Orange Tracker users will be unable to access the application. Mail sent to Orange Tracker will be queued and processed after the outage.

List of Changes:

  • Improved the Users and Roles page within project settings
    • Allow project admins to easily add people to a project and give them all the roles they need quickly.
  • Accessibility
    • Users can go to User profile > Accessibility, and can opt into a few options: underlined links, unique patterns on issue statuses, increased text spacing, and background for buttons
    • For more information: Click Here
  • Improved User Picker
    • Optimized the single user picker behavior to help identify users and displays the user's full name and avatar
  • Number of Administrative Features
    • Atlassian has added a number of tools to help assist in the overall health of the system
    • Advanced Audit Log for a more complete view of system health
    • Visibility to see and control private dashboards and filters to change ownership or delete if no longer needed

Testing and Feedback

The testing phase will last for a few weeks. This will give users enough time to review the system and provide feedback.

Please click on the feedback button to submit your feedback:

Previous Upgrades

For a list of previous upgrades, please see the Previous Changes and Upgrades page: