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This page will outline changes that are coming to the Orange Tracker (OT) system as well as any upgrades. Previous changes and upgrades are listed within this page for reference.

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Orange Tracker Changes

Current Changes


We are tracking a bug within the current version of Orange Tracker and mentions. The mention will show as the Display Name for the user within OT:

But the email message will show the Username for the user:

We are working with the vendor to identify the cause and develop a solution.

Previous Changes

For a list of previous changes, please see the Previous Changes and Upgrades page here:

Orange Tracker Upgrades

Current Upgrade

The ITS Academic Applications and Platforms (AAP) team upgraded Orange Tracker (OT) from JIRA version 8.20.1 to version 8.20.8. This upgrade completed over the summer of 2022 to reduce the impact to the user population.

The upgrade has some new features, staying current with database standards, and correct a few issues we have documented. We believe these improvements will enhance the user experience. We will also provide training sessions, similar to what we did last summer, and review the changes in a side-by-side manner. The training will go over the changes listed here in a live demonstration and answer any questions people bring to the meeting.

List of changes that you will see

Jira Dashboard gadgets fail to load on Chrome 97/98/99

We had a few users who have experienced this where the dashboard gadget does not refresh and displays no data.

@mention email notifications show username instead of full name

Listed under the Current Changes, users who use the mention feature will show as the username for the user and not the display name

Previous Upgrades

For a list of previous upgrades, please see the Previous Changes and Upgrades page: