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If you have a television that required a digital converter, please use the direction below.

Installing Your Digital Converter

Connecting to Your TV

1 - Connect the Converter to Your Wall Outlet

Connect a coaxial cable from your wall jack to the "ANT-IN" on the converter box. The converter will also need to be plugged into a power source.

back of iview box with pointer at ant-in coaxial connection

2 - Connect Preferred TV Connection Type

If your TV has an HDMI input, we recommend using the "HDMI OUT" (see image above) to connect the converter to your television. If you do not have an HDTV, you'll need to use the composite (red, white, yellow) output or the "ANT-OUT" on your converter. If you use the ANT-OUT, note the channel that the converter is set for. As seen above, it will default to be on channel three of your television's tuner. If you use a composite, you'll need to switch to your TV's composite video input. Your TV should indicate what it is labeled at the connection.

Initial Setup

1 - Switch to Converter's TV Input

Once you have connected your converter, turn on your TV and change the input to the connection type you have selected.

Note: On most TV's HDMI is listed as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc. For composite video, it is often labeled "AV". For coaxial, it is usually labeled "TV", "Cable" or "Antenna".

2 - Run the Converter's Channel Scan

Your converter will boot to the Installation Guide, bypass this. Push the "Menu" button on the remote, use the arrows on your remote to reach the third tab, the "Channel Search" window.

Select Country "USA", Select "Signal Type" and ensure it is set to "Cable" (it will be "Air" by default).

Now go to "Auto Search" and hit "OK" - This will start the channel scan.

Your auto search may take 5 to 20 minutes. Do not shut off your converter or TV during this time.

3 - Verify the Order of Your Channels

Once your search is finished, you should be able to immediately view stations. As you'll see below, the channel order is slightly different than that of our normal lineup. See below. 

Set to Ascending Order

If your channels are not automatically in ascending order, please hit the MENU key on the converter's remote. Under "Program" select "Sort" and change to "Sort by LCN". The default password is "000000". You should now have channels in the order below.

Need Help?

If your converter is not receiving a signal, ensure that "Cable" is selecting before doing your channel search. Also, ensure that the coaxial from the wall in connected to the "ANT-IN" input on the converter.

If your TV is not displaying the converter, please ensure that you are on the correct input of the TV depending on the connection you've selected (HDMI, Coaxial, Composite, etc.)

If your converter is not functioning properly, set to factory defaults and start the steps over. This is located on the "System" tab in the menu under "Restore Defaults".

You are welcome to contact ITS for more assistance. Hours of Operation.

For customer service and repairs, you can contact Time Warner Cable at 315-634-6000.


Turning In Your Digital Converter

Here are some options for dealing with the converter box and remote when you leave your residence hall at the end of the semester. Note that the turn in locations below have been updated for the conclusion of the Spring 2016 semester.

Take them with you

If you’re returning to University housing after this semester, and will be using the same TV as you have now, please feel free to keep the converter box and remote control, and bring them with you when you move in later this summer. When you return, you won’t have to wait for a new converter.

Recycle them for reuse

If you don’t want to take your converter box and remote control with you, or will return with a different television, or don’t plan to return to University housing after this semester, you can return your converter box and its remote control for reuse. Please turn them in at:

  • Your residence hall’s front desk (if you live on North Campus)
  • Rooms 206 or 210 in the Goldstein Student Center (if you live on South Campus)
  • The ITS Service Center year-round during regular business hours, just off the Milton Atrium through the double glass doors in room 1-227 in the Center for Science and Technology.

Questions? Need assistance?

If you want more information, or need help with any of your devices, please drop by the ITS Service Center, email, or call 315-443-2677. As always, we’ll be available to help you get connected when you return to campus.


Digital Converter Channel Lineup

The digital converters receive the Clear QAM differently than built-in TV tuners. If you are using a converter, your channels should be in the order below.

Set to Ascending Order

If your channels are not automatically in ascending order, please hit the MENU key on the converter's remote. Under "Program" select "Sort" and change to "Sort by LCN". The default password is "000000". You should now have channels in the order below.

Channel Name/NetworkConverter Channel (Number, Label, Front Display)
Orange Television Network14-1 PR00001 (C001)
ABC23-1 PR10001 (C002)
CBS23-2 PR10002 (C003)
CW24-1 PR20003 (C004)
Fox24-2 PR20002 (C005)
NBC25-1 PR30001 (C006)
PBS25-2 PR30002 (C007)
Time Warner News26-1 PR40001 (C008)
Weather Channel26-2 PR40002 (C009)
C-SPAN27-1 PR50001 (C010)
A&E27-2 PR50002 (C011)
ABC Family27-3 PR50003 (C012)
AMC28-1 PR60001 (C013)
Animal Planet28-2 PR60002 (C014)
BBC America28-3 PR60003 (C015)
BET29-1 PR70001 (C016)
Bravo29-2 PR70002 (C017)
Cartoon Network29-3 PR70003 (C018)
CNBC30-1 PR80001 (C019)
CNN30-2 PR80002 (C020)
Headline News30-3 PR80003 (C021)
MSNBC31-1 PR90001 (C022)
Comedy Central31-2 PR90002 (C023)
Discovery31-3 PR90003 (C024)
Discovery Fit & Health32-1 PR100001 (C025)
Disney Channel32-2 PR100002 (C026)
E!32-3 PR100003 (C027)
ESPN33-1 PR110001 (C028)
ESPN233-2 PR110002 (C029)
ESPN News34-1 PR120001 (C030)
ESPNU34-2 PR120002 (C031)
Food Network35-1 PR130001 (C032)
Fox News35-2 PR130002 (C033)
FX35-3 PR130003 (C034)
Golf Channel36-1 PR140001 (C035)
HGTV36-2 PR140002 (C036)
History Channel36-3 PR140003 (C037)
Lifetime37-1 PR150001 (C038)
Lifetime Movie Network37-2 PR150002 (C039)
WE37-3 PR150003 (C040)
Ovation38-1 PR160001 (C041)
OWN38-2 PR160002 (C042)
EWTN38-3 PR160003 (C043)
MTV39-1 PR170001 (C044)
MTVu39-2 PR170002 (C045)
VH-139-3 PR170003 (C046)
CMT40-1 PR180001 (C047)
Fuse40-2 PR180002 (C048)
Logo TV40-3 PR180003 (C049)
TCM41-1 PR190001 (C050)
Spike TV41-2 PR190002 (C051)
NASA TV41-3 PR190003 (C052)
National Geographic42-1 PR200001 (C053)
Nickelodeon42-2 PR200002 (C054)
SyFy42-3 PR200003 (C055)
TBS43-1 PR210001 (C056)
TLC43-2 PR210002 (C057)
TNT43-3 PR210003 (C058)
Travel44-1 PR220001 (C059)
USA44-2 PR220002 (C060)
TruTV44-3 PR220003 (C061)
TV Land45-1 PR230001 (C062)
CBS Sports Network45-2 PR230002 (C063)
NBC Sports Channel46-1 PR240001 (C064)
SportsNet NY46-2 PR240002 (C065)
YES47-1 PR250001 (C066)
WGN America47-2 PR250002 (C067)
TWC Sports48-1 PR260001 (C068)
MSG48-2 PR260002 (C069)
MSG+48-3 PR260003 (C070)
Univision49-1 PR270001 (C072)
Telemundo49-2 PR270002 (C072)
Alijazeera America49-3 PR270003 (C073)
Hit List50-1 PR280001 (C074)
Gospel50-10 PR280010 (C083)
Reggae50-11 PR280011 (C084)
Classic Rock50-12 PR280012 (C085)
Retro Rock50-13 PR280013 (C086)
Rock50-14 PR280014 (C087)
Metal50-15 PR280015 (C088)
Alternative50-16 PR280016 (C089)
Hip Hop and R&B50-2 PR280002 (C075)
Indie50-3 PR280003 (C076)
Dance/EDM50-4 PR280004 (C077)
Rap50-5 PR280005 (C078)
Hip Hop Classics50-6 PR280006 (C079)
Throwback Jamz50-7 PR280007 (C080)
R&B Classics50-8 PR280008 (C081)
R&B Soul50-9 PR280009 (C082)
Love Songs51-1 PR290001 (C090)
Stage & Screen51-10 PR290010 (C099)
Kidz Only51-11 PR290011 (C100)
Toddler Tunes51-12 PR290012 (C101)
Today's Country51-13 PR290013 (C102)
Country Hits51-14 PR290014 (C103)
Classic Country51-15 PR290015 (C104)
Contemporary Christian 51-16 PR290016 (C105)
Adult Alternative51-2 PR290002 (C091)
Soft Rock51-3 PR290003 (C092)
Pop Hits51-4 PR290004 (C093)
90's51-5 PR290005 (C094)
80's51-6 PR290006 (C095)
70's51-7 PR290007 (C096)
Solid Gold Oldies51-8 PR290008 (C097)
Party Favorites51-9 PR290009 (C098)
Sounds of the Season52-1 PR300001 (C106)
Musica Urbana52-10 PR300010 (C115)
Pop Latino52-11 PR300011 (C116)
Tropicales52-12 PR300012 (C117)
Mexicana52-13 PR300013 (C118)
Soundscapes52-2 PR300002 (C107)
Smooth Jazz52-3 PR300003 (C108)
Jazz52-4 PR300004 (C109)
Blues52-5 PR300005 (C110)
Singers & Swing52-6 PR300006 (C111)
Easy Listening52-7 PR300007 (C112)
Classical Masterpieces52-8 PR300008 (C113)
Light Classical52-9 PR300009 (C114)
NFL Network53-1 PR310001 (C119)
Fox Sports 153-2 PR310002 (C120)
Fox Sports 253-3 PR310003 (C121)
Fox College Sports-Atlantic54-1 PR320001 (C122)
Fox College Sports-Central54-2 PR320002 (C123)
Fox College Sports-Pacific54-3 PR320003 (C124)
HBONot Available (Analog)
ShowtimeNot Available (Analog)