The SUMail Search People directory and the Directory in MySlice display the office address for faculty and staff. By default, the office address is the department's campus mail address. 

Effective October 4, 2022, faculty and staff have the option of entering their actual office location in MySlice so it appears in the Outlook directory (Search People, or Global Address Lookup) and in the MySlice Directory - People tile.


Use of the Business address in MySlice is meaningful only to faculty and staff with offices on main campus. Entry of an office location in MySlice is optional. Faculty and staff that wish to have their campus address match the department's campus mail address in the directory don't need to do anything.

Individuals that work outside of main campus should not enter a Business Address in MySlice.

Campus publications will continue to be addressed to the department's campus address.

Generally, department administrators do not have access to Personal Profile for the faculty and staff in their units. Adding, changing and deleting Business Address must be done by the individual in MySlice.

Only the first line of the address (Address 1) will appear in the directory.  Do not use Address 2 or Address 3.  MySlice requires that City, State and Postal be entered, but these address components are not displayed in the directory.

How To Add office location

To enter an office location, go to MySlice, Personal Profile, Addresses, Add Business Address. Please note that only Address 1 appears in campus directories even though the webform requires that Address 1, City, State and Postal be entered.

Page-shot illustrating incorrect entry of address for the directory

page shot illustrating correct entry of Address line 1

How to restore department campus mail address

Delete the Business Address.  Go to MySlice, Personal Profile. Click on the Business Address.

page shot how to select an address to delete

Then click Delete.

click on delete button

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