Add the YouTube Macro to Your Page

You can display a YouTube video on an Answers page.

  1. Edit the page
  2. Select "Insert"
  3. Select "Other Macros"
  4. In the search box that appears, type "YouTube"
  5. Select the YouTube macro
  6. Enter the video ID into the box that displays (see below for help with the Video ID)
  7. Select "Insert"
  8. Save the page

How do I Find the YouTube Video ID?

From within YouTube, select the Video Title to display the video details.

YouTube Video Title


Note the URL in the top of the browser.  The video ID is the string that follows "" in the URL.  In the example below, the video ID is i3lsPrBLVsY

YouTube Video ID


You can also find the video ID using the "Share this Video" option:

  1. From the video details screen, Select "Share"
  2. Select "Share this Video"
  3. The video ID is the string that follows "" (the video ID is i3lsPrBLVsY in the example below)
    Share Video Options




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