How to add document Action to the Form

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The doc action wizards configure what happens to the entered data when a user submits your form. This page will explain how to configure the Document Action in the form.

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner


  • This refers to the action taken related to the data in the form after user submits the form.
  • Click on the Document Action button after choosing a Form.

  • When you click on the Doc Action, below window will appear:

  • There are multiple options with the Doc Action:
    1. Do Nothing.
    2. Email data to specified address.
    3. Post data to your web application
    4. Format and email data using a Google document
    5. Save to ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise
    6. Save to Google documents

For eg: You want to email the data to the specified address once the user submits the form. On the Doc Action window, click on the Email Data to Specified Address. Below window will appear:

  • Fill the To field and click on Next. Click on next on the next window. Here you can change the setting as per requirement.
  • There are two more options in the Document Action tab.

    1. Additional Email : With this option you can send the data to another email address.
    2. Doc URIs : The doc URI wizards enables you to manually set a URI to which the data will be sent when your form is submitted. The Google Spreadsheet wizard provides additional assistance in setting up the login to your google account and in selecting the spreadsheet.

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