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Editing Multiple Fields at Once

If you need to edit a number of fields within an issue, use the Edit button. This allows you to edit the fields at the same time and based on the notification scheme, will only send one Issue Updated message.

  1. Navigate to the issue you want to edit.
  2. Click on Edit link along the top of the Issue screen.the edit button is displayed in the far left corner of the workflow menu
  3. Edit issue screen is displayed.  Edit the fields that need changes. 
  4. If you don't use all the fields in your projects, you can select the "Configure Fields" button and then "Custom."    Put a check mark next to the fields that you would like to be displayed on the "Edit Issue" screen.  This configuration will affect the edit issue screen on all projects accessed from your account.  You can revert back to seeing all the fields by selecting "Configure Fields" on the "Edit Issue" screen and then selecting "All."
  5. Select the "Update" button to finalize your changes.


Editing a Single Field

You can edit a single field such as the summary, description, priority, assignee, or reporter.

  1. Hover your cursor over the field until a pencil appears. 
  2. Select the pencil icon.
  3. Adjust the field value as needed.
  4. Select the check mark to save the change.

Here is an example of changing the reporter:

ActionScreen shot of result
Hover over reporter field until edit pencil appearsedit pencil for reporter field

Remove existing reporter value and start typing username of new reporter. 

Select the relevant reporter from the list of matches that appears

When you start typing a username, possible matches appear in a drop down list

Select the check mark to save the change. 

If you select the "X" the change will be removed from the field.

select the check mark below the field to save the change

Not all fields can be edited in this manner.  For example, the system-generated fields labled status, resolution, security level, created date, and updated date are not editable by the user.  Also, some fields such as due date do not appear on the issue screen if they were not set initially.  If you don't see a field that you want to edit on the issue details screen, or the pencil does not appear when you hover, try the "editing all fields at once" method described above to make the change.


Editing Multiple Issues

If you need edit a number of issues, please see the Edit Multiple Issues with Bulk Change page: