You can add videos to Answers using multiple methods.

Use Ensemble

You can house your videos in SU's video asset management tool -- Ensemble. You can then use Ensemble's web-based player to display the video on an Answers page. If you don't have permissions to add HTML code to an Answers page, contact the ITS Help Desk at or (315) 443-2677 to request permission. 

Answers has an Ensemble Video Macro, which will embed the video for you.

Display a YouTube Video

If the video is available on YouTube, you can embed the video on the page using the "YouTube" macro of Answers.  More instructions can be found on Display a YouTube Video on a Page.

Use a link to the video on the Answers page

If the video is attached to the Answer page or available somewhere on the web, you can insert a link to the video. It will open up in the default player configured for the user's browser. If no compatible player is found for that video type on the user's computer, the video will not display correctly.

Information on how to link to attachments or other web pages can be found at: Enhancing your Page

Use the multimedia macro that comes with Answers

Testing within ITS found that using mp3, mp4, and mov files with the Macromedia macro did work not consistently in different browsers. The macro worked best using Flash videos with the autoplay box checked. If you don't want the flash video to autoplay when the page is opened, then make the first page of your video a page that the user has to click to start the video.

You can find information on inserting a macro into an Answers page at: Enhancing your Page