To safeguard sensitive information, Syracuse University recommends utilizing Outlook's built-in encryption feature and Microsoft Sensitivity Labels. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to send encrypted emails and attachments while applying sensitivity labels, ensuring your sensitive communications are protected from unauthorized access.

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Send an Encrypted Email in Outlook

Compose a New Email

  • Navigate to Outlook via sumail.syr.edu and compose a new email by selecting the "New Mail" (Icon of envelope and wording stating New Mail with drop down arrow) icon. 

  • Proceed to draft your email, specifying the recipient's address, subject, and body.

Attach Documents

  • The encryption safeguards both the email's content and its attachments.
  • Use the "Attach File" option (Paperclip icon with drop down arrow) to include documents from your device or OneDrive while applying Microsoft Sensitivity Labels.

Encrypt the Email

  • The encryption feature is accessible in Outlook for both web (at sumail.syr.edu) and desktop clients, identifiable by a shield icon in the message composition window.

  • Select "Encrypt" from the dropdown menu after clicking the shield icon.

    Screen capture of dropdown menu showing Encrypt label as we as Read Only label

  • A notification will appear above the send button, indicating that encryption and sensitivity labels have been applied.

Send the Email

  • Upon setting the desired encryption level and sensitivity label, complete your email, and know that when you hit send, the message will be dispatched securely.

Additional Guidance

Encryption Behavior

Applying a sensitivity label ensures the persistence of this designation across devices, applications, and cloud services, ensuring consistent protection.

Recipient Access

Encrypted message recipients receive guidance on accessing the content, potentially requiring Syracuse University email authentication or a one-time passcode.

Encryption Indicators

An encryption symbol will accompany encrypted emails, signifying the protection of its contents.

Document Linking with Sensitivity Labels

Integrate Microsoft Sensitivity Labels when linking documents from OneDrive to ensure consistent protection across platforms. Apply sensitivity labels to documents before attaching them to emails.

Getting Help

For assistance, the ITS Help Desk is available at 315-443-2677, via email at help@syr.edu, or in person at 1-227 CST.

Faculty and staff should first reach out to their designated academic or administrative support personnel. 

Further insights into Outlook message encryption and sensitivity labels are available on Microsoft Learn.

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